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We're Total Therapy Studios, the leading provider of physical and holistic therapies, Pilates and movement classes, and equipment Pilates in the local area.
We're famous for our broad range of classes, expert therapists, and friendly approach across our two clinics in the centre of Horsham.

Real clients, real stories
Our success is based around the improvements that are seen in the people we help. Many of our clients have sent us message, letters, and reviews, and have been kind enough to let us share their stories here (although names have of course been changed). In this day and age, we're aware that many people make their choices by listening to what other people have said, so feel free to read some of the comments below.


We use Trust Pilot as our main online platform for reviews, and you can see the newest live reviews - or leave a review of your own - by following this link.

Always listening

I can only speak from the point of view of a client, of course, but it seems to me that she’s on the ball (sorry!) all the time, whether instructing, consulting or just being on the job. I am in my mid-70s and need quite a lot of adaptation to the exercises, and Sarah has always ensured that I’m in the best match class. In one-to-one consultations she has provided me with individualised routines, always listening to what I say I can do and what I would like to be able to do, always encouraging, (admonishing when necessary!) and with complete can-do confidence that is energising and motivating. I don’t know if she’s spent a fortune on HR courses and qualifications, but I suspect it all comes naturally.

Always enjoyable

I joined Sarah's Pilates class on a recommendation from a neighbour, and have been attending for some years now. They are always enjoyable, we have a laugh and she has a wicked sense of humour. Her business has grown with several branches of health care, and she chooses her staff with great care with her clienteles needs uppermost in her thoughts.

I also go to a Yoga class, which is brilliant. In my opinion the business has gone from strength to strength due to Sarah's concern for her clients and her driving force to do a good job and make the business a success.

Highest recommendation

Having survived a big cancer operation and many weeks of chemotherapy in 1999 I started looking for someway to help my body, which was in a bad state. I tried Pilates in various places round the Horsham area but I could find nothing that I felt gave me what I was looking for; steady, small classes with good instructors. I then discovered Total Therapy Studios through recommendation about three and a half years ago and I have been attending the classes ever since; intially with Sophie, and now with Nicola. If you need additional advice then there is always plenty available. All I can offer is my highest recommendation.

A great great place!

Total Therapy Studios is simply a... really... really... great... place! Everyone is made to feel welcome by whoever is on reception as they walk through the door. They know my name (though occasionally I must admit to muddling theIrs - I put that down to my age!!) It is efficient, friendly and very fair (allowing cancellations at very short notice.) I've enjoyed every class I've been to and have also had a variety of one to one treatment which have been equally beneficial ... if not always enjoyable! Don't change anything it's very special!

Exemplary aftercare

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the expert treatment that I have received over the years to help manage my 'physical frailties'. Not only do you help people understand how their muscles work but you also provide exemplary aftercare to ensure ongoing wellbeing. Outside of treatment the Pilates classes are invaluable and most enjoyable. The Total Therapy team are top drawer material - thank you all so much.

Always enjoyable

I joined Sarah's Pilates class on a recommendation from a neighbour, and have been attending for some years now. They are always enjoyable, we have a laugh and she has a wicked sense of humour. Her business has grown with several branches of health care, and she chooses her staff with great care with her clienteles needs uppermost in her thoughts. I also go to a Yoga class, which is brilliant. In my opinion the business has gone from strength to strength due to Sarah's concern for her clients and her driving force to do a good job and make the business a success.

A fantastic place

I've been lucky enough to know Sarah for more than fifteen years now, during which time she has treated my long list of ailments with an extraordinary dedication and professionalism. I've been fortunate enough to have attended Studio from day one, and have marvelled at the remarkable job that Sarah and Dom - along with the rest of the team - have done in bringing such a varied and necessary agenda of exercise and treatments to the public's attention. I know that all of us who have benefited from the team's hard work and dedication hope that some form of recognition will be forthcoming in the future, and that Total Therapy Studios will continue to go from strength to strength. A fantastic place.

Great personal ethos

I first met Sarah in 2003 when I moved to Horsham. She treated me for a stiff neck and it was the start of a long association! To this day I have lost count of the numerous occasions that she has literally put me back on my feet. I did Pilates classes (oh the memories of that blue ball) in Holbrook, Ellen's Green and then Denne Road. Sarah has treated my son, husband and many friends. I count her as a friend, what's more I trust her implicitly. She is professional, yet ultimately very very kind. She is also hugely funny! I am so impressed by her drive to look after everybody and a determination to build a business whilst still retaining a personal ethos.

Warm and friendly

I have been a client at Total Therapy Studios in Horsham from the day it opened for business just over five years ago. I have been continuosly impressed by the professionalism and depth of knowledge of their staff, their commendable work ethic and willingness to help and accommodate clients' wishes and requests. Their professionalism is coupled with a warmth and friendliness that make the Total Therapy Studios a welcoming, rare gem of a place right in the middle of Horsham.

A perfect environment

I would like to share how helpful Total Therapy Studios has been to me. All the staff are caring and understanding of their clients' needs. Sarah has gathered around her a well qualified team who offer a sympathetic and positive but at the same time fun, approach to their work. All in all a perfect environment for the improvement of one's physical and mental wellbeing.

Nothing too much trouble

I love attending my classes at Total Therapy Studios. There is such a lovely welcoming atmosphere as soon as I walk in, where nothing is too much trouble, and I really appreciate the flexibility of classes and instructors.The classes themselves are fun, challenging and often deeply relaxing which has helped improve a long-term back complaint enormously. I like the fact that all the instructors have different styles and approaches but really compliment each other. I also appreciate that Sarah is open to feedback, always looking for ways to improve the studios and clearly communicates any changes to me as a customer. I have recommended Total Therapy Studios to many friends and colleagues!

Great caring ethos

From the moment you walk into Total Therapy Studios you are treated as an individual. Everything is about your needs, what is going to be right for you. The caring ethos starts at the top and ripples down to one and all. An in-depth assessment makes sure you are suited to your class where you find attention to detail, encouragement and fun. Just one reason I have recommended Total Therapy Studios to friends and family. I simply cannot thank Sarah enough for the improvement to my health over the last six months.

Made a massive difference

I first went to Total Therapy Studios about two years ago to help with the back pain I have from a long running spine condition. I attended one of Natalie's Yoga classes and it was a revelation. It not only helped (and continues to help) me manage pain but it has also made a massive difference to my life in general, and is a major factor in helping me manage the intense stress I endure through my work. After the first class I wa promised 'give us a few more weeks and it will change your life' and it genuinly has. The whole team know their clients by first name and I don't remember the last time my custom or wellbeing felt so valued in any walk of life, business or personal. I can't see me ever not practicing yoga again and I can't see me doing it anywhere else.

Extremely knowledgeable

I have been attending Total Therapy Studios for Pilates classes since breaking a disc in my back several years ago. The instructors have all been wonderful - attending to the needs of all the class participants, and thus creating an atmosphere where everyone feels that they can work productively at their own level. The instructors are happy to give one-to-one attention to ensure that everyone is working safely within their limitations - I have always been in awe of their knowledge and expertise, and very thankful for it! I have also attended Physiotherapy sessions and both Physiotherapists I have seen have been thorough and extremely knowledgeable, sending back-up exercises after the session to further aid any problem areas. Thank you Total Therapy Studios- you've nailed it! What more can I say?!

Highest recommendation

I came to Total Therapy Studios after having suffered from a slipped disc and through many recommendations from people at work at church and my mother's friends. Sarah was great, summed up my problems very quickly and prescribed my treatment plan of Pilates. Ten months on I feel like a new woman!! Everyone at TT is helpful and friendly. It is a wonderful place to go. My mum goes as well and has benefited enormously from the care and attention of the staff.

Your best interests at heart

I have been a client of Total Therapy for about three years and have attended several classes and had some Reflexology as well. I join a weekly Pilates class. Throughout that time I have always felt a very valued client and I know that Sarah takes a lot of notice of what the clients say. She actually makes a personal telephone calls to all her clients asking for feedback and ideas of what could be made better. Consequently she has improved and improved the business - the building has been through a number of changes - all done with little fuss - the range of classes and the range of other therapies which clients can access is amazing. The ability to drop in and out of classes is wonderful - we all have busy lives and sometimes cannot make such a regular commitment every week so the facility to be able to join a class or not is really helpful. Sarah has the best interests of her clients at heart and she seems to find the most wonderful staff as well. I always feel totally looked after and cosseted whenever I enter the building.

A pleasure to walk in the door

I wish I had a pound for every person to whom I've recommended Total Therapy Studios. It's a truly fantastic business which does exactly what it's name says. Sarah and her lovely team are so approachable, knowledgeable, helpful and effective. it's a pleasure to walk in the door (and stagger out again after a particularly strenuous class....) I've personally benefitted from regular Pilates classes, classes targeting specific joints and problems, fabulous sports massages, and have also made friends and had much huge amounts of fun at Total Therapy Studios too. I think Sarah has created a really special place using a lovely, imaginative business model.

Always so positive

I have been coming to Total Therapy Studios on and off for over a year now. The 'off' was not out of choice, but because I had to have heart surgery to fix a faulty valve. I have always loved the atmosphere at the studio, it's so positive, friendly and caring, but since my operation Sarah has been really thoughtful. She made sure that I came back to a class that would be suited to me during my recovery and has checked in to see how I'm doing. I've also had some scarwork done with Michelle, who was lovely and there has definitely been a noticeable improvement in the appearance of my scar. I have tried out many exercise classes and gyms over the years, but i've never found one like Total Therapy Studios that makes you feel truly welcome.