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Therapies and treatments

Throughout the last year, we have been robustly complying with all advice from both UK Health and our governing bodies, and we have continued to provide pain management services such as Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy. Naturally there have been significant protocols in place to ensure that we can deliver these safely.

Our full list of therapies that we are able to offer is below:


  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Running Assessments and Coaching
  • Sports and Remedial Massage
  • Traditional and medical Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching
  • Counselling
  • ScarWork
  • One-to-one Pilates/Yoga/Exercise Therapy
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Women’s Wellness and Coaching

  • Needless to say, robust processes remain in place to deliver these in a risk-assessed Covid secure environment. These include temperature checks on entry, enhanced hygiene protocols, and many more. Please note that like many organisations in our sector we still require all clients who come into our premises to wear a mask or face covering, which can only be removed during a class or at certain times during treatment.

    Sports Therapy
    Sports Massage
    Nutritional Therapy
    Running Support
    One-to-one Pilates
    Personal Training
    Coaching and Hypnotherapy
    Women's Wellness
    Stress Management
    Beauty Therapy
    One-to-one Yoga

    Physio / Sports Therapy


    The core of our business is supporting clients who have bio-mechanical issues; simply put this is often described to us as 'I've got a bad back/shoulder/knee' etc. This could be caused by injury, lifestyle behaviour (such as posture, or a certain job type) or some other reason. Our clinical team of Sarah, Nicola and Jack are experts at helping you through the different disciplines of Physiotherapy or Sports Therapy.

    However there are a quite a few disciplines focused on supporting bio-mechanical issues, so we're keen to explain the differences, ultimately so you can get an understanding of who you need to see at Total Therapy Studios, or provide some context of treatment you may have received in the past.

    A Physiotherapist is state registered healthcare professional who is trained to degree-level to work in many areas, including Intensive care, Mental health, Neurology (stroke, Parkinson, MS and brain injury), orthopaedics and trauma, both pre- and post-op and musculoskeletal. In private clinics (such as Total Therapy Studios) most Physiotherapists with specialise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy which is a specific branch of physiotherapy that requires additional post graduate training. It's by working within this specialism that they'll be able to help you with your bad shoulder that you got on your skiing holiday, or your bad back that started when you picked up the lawnmower awkwardly. They'll be able to assess, diagnose, and treat acute and chronic pain, and issues with movement.


    Sports Massage


    Sports and remedial massage is hands-on therapy that aims to reduce areas of restriction or tension in the muscles and fascia which may be contributing to pain and dysfunction. These treatments are much firmer, and are very different to holistic massage in that they can sometimes be uncomfortable as the body is treated back into function.

    A highly qualified and experienced sports massage therapist will be able to feel and treat restrictions in muscles. They'll use a range of advanced techniques both deep and superficially to reduce these restrictions, stretch the tissues and restore tone and circulation to the area. This in turn then allows the tissues to reset and rebalance.

    Over the years we adapt poor movement patterns and our muscles become very stiff and fibrous depending on levels of inactivity or load. Sports and remedial massage is a valuable tool, and often is key to getting the muscles and tissues to respond much faster to other treatment such as mobilisation and exercise. This is why it's often used in conjunction with sports, exercise and Physiotherapy.

    A sports and remedial massage therapist will not diagnose, treat or rehabilitate pain or injury, however it can be a important component in pain management and recovery. Along with the correct movement, sports and remedial massage it's an excellent preventative and maintenance therapy which helps keep your muscles and tissues loose and bouncy, and delays the restrictions and fibrous material forming which ultimately lead to stiffness, pain and injury.




    Acupuncture is part of Chinese Medicine. It is an ancient form of healing, and dates back thousands of years. Chinese Medicine has a different, yet simple view of how ill health arises in the first place, where our physical health is dependent on the smooth and balanced flow of energy throughout the body. This energy is known as Qi, and when the flow of Qi is disrupted, symptoms develop. These symptoms can include such things as pain, lack of energy, a painful or irregular menstrual cyle, headaches and so on. Many things can disrupt this flow, such as trauma, injury, poor nutrition and the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    Acupuncture treatment involves the insertion of very fine needles into acupuncture points. These points are located all over the body, along which it is believed our energy flows. Needle insertion is pain free, however during manipulation of the needle following insertion, the patient does experience a sensation. This is unique to every patient, but is more of a pulling or dragging sensation as opposed to pain.

    Acupuncture treats the whole person, and can do on both a physical and emotional level. Treatment involves taking a full and detailed case, and during this part of the process all aspects of health are explored. As well as the main complaint, we'll look at sleep, digestion, energy levels and any other symptoms. We will also take your pulse and observe your tongue, checking rate and rhythm, and for cracks or movement in the tongue. Valuable diagnostic information is gathered in doing this, which will allow us to create a treatment plan as individual as you are.

    This holistic form of Acupuncture is different to dry-needling techniques or Clinical Acupuncture that is used by Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists.


    Nutritional Therapy


    In today’s society the importance of good nutrition is becoming increasingly acknowledged and publicized to help prevent disease and ill health. However there is so much information out there that is not always accurate and often prays on the vulnerable or desperate to generate the sale of wonder products, cures and pills often with no scientific validity or efficacy.

    Until very recently the medical profession did not even teach in depth nutrition on medical degrees, and is therefore often not acknowledged as a tool to help treat and heal the body of disease, dysfunction or physical and mental ill health.

    Luckily things are changing but the minefield of information and misinformation can often leave us out of pocket and often with poor results.

    Nutritional Therapy therefore uses a functional medicine approach to support the whole person by reviewing all of your body systems, lifestyle and diet to help identify any underlying causes that may be contributing to any symptoms of ill health such as:
    • Inflammation
    • IBS/Bloating/gas
    • Hormonal issues
    • Pain
    • Weight gain or loss
    • Heachaches
    • Tiredness/lethargy
    • Skin problems
    • Diabetes/Cholesterol/heart issues
    • Decreased mental function
    This will be achieved by the way of a detailed health questionnaire completed before your session along with a 3 day food diary. Your session will then discuss in depth your health goals, needs and expectations, and review how nutrition and lifestyle can support you in reaching your desired outcomes

    You will then receive a realistic and effective Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan which will be tailored to your personal, financial and practical considerations. A detailed explanation of the WHY and HOW the plan’s modifications may support your goals will be invaluable in understanding the underlying causes of your symptoms and will empower you to take charge of your health.


    Paediatric Physical Therapy


    At Total Therapy Studios, we're pleased to offer Paediatric Assessments to our younger clients between the age of 6 and 18.

    We're often approached by parents and carers concerned about their childrens health and movement. In this day and age, many children are taking part in sport and movement, often at quite a competitive level. We're asked about chronic pain, flexbibility, and a whole range of unidentified issues.

    In many cases, parents are unsure as to whether to take their child to a general practitioner, but would like advice as to what's normal.

    Jack Boatwright, one of our highly qualified Sports Therapists, will be able to help. With his warm and engaging manner he'll work with you and your child through conversation, and will assess to see how their body is working in terms of gait, movement and range


    Running Support


    Since 2018, Total Therapy Studios are proud to be the home of Horsham Running Clinic.

    Operating under the parent organisation, Horsam Running Clinic exist to support runners of all ages and abilities from people who run for fitness, to club runners, and also those who take things a lot more seriously. Whilst running is a fantastic exercise the transition from sitting or walking to running is not a simple one, and many struggle to reach their running goals due to discomfort, injury or pain.

    The reality is that running is a complex movement which requires increased levels of stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. and all are needed in the right places to enable us to run effectively. Horsham Running Clinic is a new service provided by physiotherapists, sports therapists and movement specialists at Total Therapy Studios. We offer classes, workshops, bespoke Biomechanical Assessments and corrective exercise programs to get you where you want to - all under one roof with a variety of affordable options.

    You can read more by visiting the website which can be found at www.horshamrunningclinic.co.uk. Whilst of course this is a seperate enterprise for us, it's very much still a part of Total Therapy Studios. Therefore you can not only trust in the quality of service, but also that any treatment provided is integrated into any treatment plan that you're currently going through with us. If you've any questions, then please ask.


    Pilates One-to-One


    Our one to one Pilates sessions are offered by all of our instructors to help guide you personally through your Movement Health journey. All of our instructors bring something different through their own individual Pilates training. Our clinical team of Pilates instructors include physiotherapists, sports therapists, biomechanics specialists, and movement health practitioners who utliise the basic principles of Pilates and Exercise rehabilitation to address acute and chronic pain and medical conditions that can impair movement function.

    Our therapeutic Pilates team help improve your movement health by teaching the fundamentals of strength, flexibility, stability and co-ordination, right the way up to optimum performance, agility and power.

    One-to-one sessions can be equipment based or mat based depending on the needs of each individual client. Our team page gives more detail on our individual instructors, so please have a read to find the instructor that you drawn to or speak to our reception team about arranging a session with your regular instructor. We can also offer private sessions for couples, families or friends, so please speak to us about bespoke sessions and we will be happy to help.

    Please see our Horsham Pilates Equipment page for more detail on our new equipment studio.


    Personal Training / Exercise Coaching


    We have a team of therapists and exercise specialists that can also offer personal training/exercise coaching. These sessions will incorporate elements of strength and conditioning, power, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility to enhance your movement efficiency for overall health and wellbeing whether that be for daily function, weight management or for sports performance.

    We have a fully equipped studio with weights, TRX, kettlebells, cable machine and pilates equipment, so if you are looking to improve your technique in the gym, lift more weight, get fit, lose weigh, do the splits, perform a handstand, or simply look after your body the best way possible then these are the sessions for you.

    Our team page gives more detail on our individual instructors and trainers so please have a read to find the instructor that you drawn to or speak to our reception team about arranging a session with your regular instructor.




    Hypnotherapy is a familiar word, but do we really understand what it is or who it is for? There are many fears and misconceptions around this therapy based on what we see on TV, however this is often a form of ‘entertainment hypnosis’ and is NOT the basis of Hypnotherapy or coaching. A natural hypnotic state is something we experience daily when absorbed in a book, listening to music or when daydreaming in that important meeting! This state is a natural state of relaxation and is not achieved by waving a watch in front of you. You are always in control!

    Hypnotherapy and Executive Coaching combines the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, along with the most effective techniques from other mind and relaxation therapies into a pioneering solution focused therapy for positive change, to realise your self potential and to create fulfillment in all areas of life.

    A variety of approaches and techniques are used to guide you towards new thought patterns and behaviors which can allow you to take control of your own thoughts, and make positive and sustainable changes to your life – for good.

    Often this therapy can facilitate powerful change in a short space of time, often in just one session, releasing limiting beliefs and removing barriers that are getting in the way of living the life you want to live.

    Hypnotherapy and Coaching can help anyone – and particularly effective for:
    • Phobias and Fears
    • Stress and Anxiety
    • Confidence, motivation and direction
    • Weight loss
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Unhealthy lifestyle Habits / Vices
    • Pregnancy (pre- and post-), Fertility Treatment and Birth Trauma
    So if something is holding you back from living your life the way you dream of, then this could the therapy for you.

    Free 20 minute sessions are available by appointment to explore whether this therapy could be right for you.




    Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy most commonly performed on the feet with small pressured massage techniques. The principles of reflexology lie in the theory that there are 'reflex areas' corresponding to all parts of the body in the feet, hands and face which create a map to different areas of the body via the vast network of nerves within us controlling our every function, thought or feeling.

    The skill of a Reflexologist is to feel and recognize tiny changes to the tissues in the areas treated which represent areas of body that may be out of balance. These feel like grainy or fibrous areas under the skin which are often described by the Reflexologist like grains of sand or crystals.

    These areas can feel uncomfortable or tender when palpated and the level of restriction in these tissues may indicate varying degrees of imbalance to the corresponding part of the body.

    Many people have found they have been helped by reflexology and those who have experienced a session would agree that the method is very relaxing, reduces tension and can lead to an improved sense of well-being – It is quite normal to fall asleep during your treatment (honestly we don’t mind!).

    This relaxed state allows the body to further access the part of the nervous system that repairs, restores and calms us both physically and mentally.

    Reflexology can therefore be very therapeutic for the following:-
    • Digestive issues
    • Fertility
    • Sleep problems
    • Headaches
    • Pain
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Prevention of illness or recovery
    Reflexology can be particularly beneficial for people suffering or recovering from ill health, or in situations where stronger more invasive treatments such as massage and acupuncture can be contra-indicated or make you feel apprehensive.




    ScarWork™ is a unique therapy of which there are very few practitioners.

    Scars can often leave us feeling uncomfortable, both from their appearance and the ongoing physical or emotional effects they can have. ScarWork addresses these issues, often resulting in profound healing and increased movement and mobility.

    This gentle treatment works directly on the scar tissue and the surrounding fascia to help heal and integrate the scar back to the surrounding tissues using specific ScarWork and myofascial techniques. These techniques soften and release the adhesions and restrictions created by the scar often resulting improved mobility and appearance. Scars appear smoother, flatter and less prominent, often with profound functional changes. Scars respond irrelevant of their age, with the healing effects continuing for a few weeks after a session.

    We have seen great results often with just a single session and are particularly beneficial for scars resulting from:
    • Cesarean sections
    • Burns
    • Self harm
    • Skin grafts
    • Breast surgery
    • Mastectomy and reconstruction
    • Open heart surgery
    • Joint replacements
    • Joint surgery


    Women's Wellness


    Women can experience a huge range of physical and emotional experiences throughout their life starting from menstruation age to post menopause, including debilitating menstrual and menopause symptoms, loss of a pregnancy, hysterectomy and childbirth trauma. These are often unspoken about and can lead to women feeling isolated, unsupported and overwhelmed through major and important stages of their life.

    When your experiences go unacknowledged, it can leave a deep wound within, causing sadness, stress, shame and a loss of joy. Until recent times the full extent of the physical, emotional and mental effects throughout a women’s life journey has not always been fully understood or supported by conventional medicine or therapy.

    Our experienced Women’s wellbeing coach and therapist therefore focuses on all the specific elements of women’s health and draws from a wide range of training in holistic therapies, coaching and yoga.

    Specialist areas for treatment sessions can be read in more detail below.

    Menstrual Cycle Health and Well-being Sessions

    Our menstrual cycle is our inbuilt health, stress, and energy management system and the key to balanced living and increased well-being. We have a deep wisdom encoded in our bodies that, once recognised, works in partnership with us on all levels

    Personal mentoring, coaching and healing to guide you into a transformative relationship with your cycle that will positively impact and empower every area of your life. Enhance your relationships, wellness, creativity and spirituality. Invite an ease into your life that simply won’t have been there before.

    When we engage fully with our cycle, life becomes easier and a lot smoother with a marked decrease in symptoms usually experienced. Ultimately, we cannot work against our cycle's intelligence without experiencing a negative impact on our health and well-being.

    Menopause Support Sessions

    Menopause can often bring its own set of challenges and leave you at a loss as to how we can deal with them. Finding holistic solutions that work for you and your life allow you to focus on the positive side for an empowered relationship with yourself.

    When symptoms, including hot flushes, anxiety, exhaustion, sleep issues and emotions, become overwhelming, our bodies are asking us to slow down, listen, and make some necessary changes. Rest and good self-care are non-negotiable during this time, and we often need some help with that.

    These sessions will really support you in making empowering decisions that encourage a greater sense of self, and a richer life experience. Menopause is our rite of passage – time to review, release and re-evaluate where we are and where we want to be.

    Healing After Miscarriage, Termination or Hysterectomy

    These sessions create a safe, quiet space for acknowledging and integrating the difficult and often underestimated loss of a pregnancy through either a miscarriage or a termination. The loss of the womb from hysterectomy is another trauma that is often pushed away as unimportant. All of these are common and the impact is frequently hidden and overlooked.

    This is a unique service for women that offers a deep sense of safety and trust to help heal these experiences by offering compassion, coaching and knowledge.

    Recovery after Childbirth Including C-Section Healing

    Working with a blend of aromatherapy, healing and coaching, these sessions bring a sense of integration and peace, especially if you have had a difficult or traumatic birth.

    These sessions can also be offered along with ScarWork to help heal and release the physical scars of C-sections. Please therefore see the ScarWork section to find out more.


    Many women experience challenges with fertility and this can often be down to not being in touch with their womb or their menstrual cycle.

    During these sessions our women’s wellness specialist will use a blend of menstrual health coaching and womb yoga to bring you into a more nourishing relationship with yourself and your womb, which can naturally boost fertility. Womb yoga is a particularly nourishing and powerful practice that is very gentle, and no experience of yoga is required.

    All of these session are offered by www.naliniwellness.com and create a safe, quiet space for you express yourself, be heard, validated, acknowledged and understood, and to receive help and support to make changes and empowering decisions that encourage a greater sense of self, and a richer experience of life


    Stress Management


    Feelings of stress and anxiety affects at least one in twenty people and can be experienced very differently. Symptoms can not only affect our mental wellbeing but can also manifest in the physical body in some of the following ways:

    • Panic attacks
    • Shortness of breath
    • Dizzy spells
    • Restlessness and tension
    • Pain
    • Palpitations
    • Tiredness
    • Irritability and anger
    • Upset or knotted stomach
    These holistic sessions work with the mind and the body and are different to the more traditional talking therapies or counseling.

    Your sessions will first focus on empowering you with simple techniques you can use to calm and relax the nervous system to help you feel more in control. Subsequent sessions will work deeper to help you access the underlying cause and offer you the support you to make changes in your life naturally to reduce your symptoms.

    These sessions incorporate a mixture of mindfulness, breathwork, meditation, body psychology, aromatherapy, calming techniques and offer a safe and healing space for you to learn and incorporate natural methods of healing that result in helping you find your way to a calmer state of being.


    Beauty Therapy


    Due to maternity leave, we are currently not offering a beauty therapy provision. However, we're pleased to say that this will be starting back again in December 2021.

    We're aware of the connection between looking good and feeling good. Therefore we're pleased to now offer beauty therapy from KM Beauty Therapy. Our resident beauty therapist Kat offers a wide range of treatments including waxing using a new more hygienic COVID secure waxing system, Jessica manicures and pedicures, GELeration Gel colour for feet and hands, and a full range of eye treatments including tinting and amazing lash extensions.

    Services Include:
    • Waxing
    • Manicures
    • Pedicures
    • Facials
    • Eye treatments
    • Massage
    Kat is also a temple spa lifestyle consultant and offers bespoke aromatherapy facials and body treatments using the award winning temple spa products. You can see a full list of her treatment and prices on her own dedicated website.


    One-to-one Yoga


    Our one to one yoga sessions are offered by all of our instructors to help guide you personally through your yoga journey. All of our instructors bring something different through their own individual yoga journey and training. Some of our teachers focus more on your movement health through the more physical aspects of the yoga asanas, others specialize in the more spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation and others focus on the restorative power of the breath and relaxation techniques.

    Our team page gives more detail on our individual instructors, so please have a read to find the instructor that you drawn to or speak to our reception team about arranging a session with your regular instructor.

    We can also offer private sessions for couples, families or friends, so please speak to us about bespoke sessions and we will be happy to help.