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Frequently asked questions

We'd like to think we've shared a lot about us, how we came about, how we do things, and how we think. That said, there's nothing like a frequenly asked questions page to make sure we've captured everything. Therefore please find below some more information about us. Of course you may still have some questions, and if you do then feel free to give us a call on 01403 249 511 or send us an email.

We've also included a section at the bottom which hopefully provides answers to all of your questions about our online class system too.
Mary asks

What's a Fully Integrated Clinic?
We’re not the only facility in Horsham that provides wellness care in terms of physical, holistic and wellness therapies. However, we’re the only multi-disciplined fully intergrated clinic. This means that all of our therapists work together to support you. It's rare that one type of treatment can fix everything (despite what some people will tell you), and therefore this multi-disciplined approach all under the same roof means that you'll be supported by some of the best therapists in the South all working together.

Our approach is to help you understand how your body works and to support your recovery, not just tell you that you need to see us twice a week, every week, forever and forever.
Steve asks

Are you going to tell me I need treatment three times a week?
Nope. Well, it's unlikely anyway.We believe that our role is to get you understand your body better, and therefore help yourself on the road to wellness. In many cases, our sports therapists will give you some bespoke exercises that you can do at some to help get you body to do what it's supposed to do. It's all about education, and helping you live your life in the best way you can.
John asks

Do you have any reviews, or client testimonials that I can read?
We do! Many of our clients are kind enough to write about their experience at Total Therapy Studios. You can read about real life experiences by clicking here. Many of these are from reviews on Facebook or on Trip advisor, and many of these are from emails and letters of thanks. Some of our clients also mobilised to enter us into a local business awards, where we were a finalist in the categories of both Customer Service, and also Ourstanding Contribution to the Community.

Due to the clinical nature of what we do of course the names have been changed, and we never share your kind words without permision.
John asks

Do you really hold as many classes as The Pavillions? Surely that's a mistake, right?
We do. Obviously we can't do ALL the things that they do (as we don't, you know, have a pool yet) but when it comes to clinical exercise and movement classes, then yes. We're the biggest provider in Horsham and the local area.
John asks

I've done classes before and there were so many people. Are you different?
Completely. Our classes have a maximum of nine people in them. The reason for this is so that our instructors can work with you, and keep an eye on how you're doing, and make sure that you're doing everything right. We've seen Pilates classes where there's 30 people in a dusty village hall and an instructor at the front demonstrating, and no-one really sure if they're completing the movements right. We're essentially the opposite to that. And as of course we're fully integrated, our instructors have access to the details if you're seeing any other of our therapists. This allows them to really work with you.
Helen asks

All I want to do is come along and do some Pilates? Why do I have to fill out forms online and attend an induction?
Bear in mind we're primarily a clinical facility. We believe in Pilates for a Purpose (hey we should trademark that). It's all about knowing you, knowing what you're looking to get out of doing classes with us, and any health challenges that you may face. Only by going through our questionnaire and induction process can we really get a good idea of how we can help.
Christine asks

My friend attended a group induction, but I can't find anything about this on your website?
For a number of months, we trialed a group induction where we would meet up to four people at a time, and go through the induction process together. We did this so we could really get people used to the 'group therapy' nature of what we do, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whilst this worked very well, we did find that it meant people couldn't join us and start their journey with us as quickly as they would like. It also meant that we sometimes weren't able to spend as much time getting to know client needs as we would like. Therefore, we have reverted back to our old system on just one-to-ones, essentially so we can get to know you faster, and have you join our classes as soon as possible.
Anne-Marie asks

I've heard that I can pay even less for my classes with a class pass that pays for 40 classes? Is this right?
This is something that we make available at certain points of the year (and sadly we're not selling them at the moment). Think of it as something we have when we have a sale on! We'll let you know in the studio when we're selling these, and it'll also appear on all of our social media channels. And sadly, just because you've purchased one of these when we have them available, doesn't mean that you'll be able to buy them again ongoing. They're our special treat sometimes!
Mary-Anna asks

How long are your classes? There's no end time on the timetable.
As our timetable has evolved we have many classes that run back to back, starting at 9.30, then 10.30, then 11.30 and so on. This has meant that sometimes mats or equipment are being set up in the first five minutes whilst out clients are already in the studio. The actual class itself - exercises being delivered - often starts five minutes after the scheduled start time.

Whilst this doesn’t happen with every single class every single time, we structure our classes around a 55 minute framework, which means that a class that starts at 10am will finish at 10.55am, and so on. This will allow the studio to clear, and the following class to be set up in an efficient and timely manner. We feel that this slight shift in how we do things means that we’ll be able to offer a more consistent class experience for all of our clients, and launched this in September 2019. Please note that you won’t receive any less exercise time, it just means that your time in the studio will be spend doing what you’re here for!

This is why we no longer show end time on our timetables, unless classes are specifically a different length (like the majority of our Yoga classes).
Takiena asks

The class I want to do this week is full. Can I enrol myself on a wait list?
You can. This is only available for certain classes at the moment, however you can see this if you look at the full classes online. Here's how it works:

If you enroll yourself on a wait list:

If a space becomes more than 24 hours before a class happens, then you will be automatically enrolled onto the class and will receive an email telling you that you've been put on the class and that we'll be expecting you. Therefore, please only enrol yourself onto a wait list if you are free to come. If you decide you don't want to come after this automatic enrolment has happened, then please let us know, otherwise you'll be charged. You won't be automatically enrolled less than 24 hours before a class though.

If a space becomes available less than 24 hours before the class, then we will email all clients on the wait list to offer a place. As enrollment won't be automatic, we ask clients to let us know if they would like the place. You can either enrol online, or call or email us, and as always spaces will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
Fiona asks

My class has been cancelled a couple of times? Why is this?
What sets us aside is the fact our classes are for small groups. Generally speaking our classes run with between six and nine people. However, as we’re very flexible and allow people to drop out of our classes, sometimes these numbers can drop (especially around holiday times when people can be away). If the class drops to three people then we struggle to deliver an appropriate ‘class environment’; to be frank a class with just two or three people can feel a little odd! That said, if we start a new class we do tend to run it with lower numbers. This allows a class to embed and fill organically over time. Therefore sometimes a class with three people will run.
James asks

How long do your class passes last for, and can I get a refund if I don’t use them?
The class passes last for a year, however we don’t think anyone has ever had any ‘expired passes’ (when people come to us, they just keep coming back!) We’re unable to offer refunds or exchanges on passes that aren’t used, however you CAN transfer them to someone you know if they attend classes with us.
Petra asks

I finished my pack of passes, so didn't come the next week. However, I got an email asking where I was. Why is this?
If we're able to give you a permanent guaranteed place on a class, this will continue whether or not you have passes or not. We'll only remove you from this permanent place if you ask us to. We're very flexible with our passes; we won't stop you from doing a class even if you have no passes left, and will take this off the next pack you buy. Therefore, your permanent place on a class (and you being enrolled for it) isn't affected by your class passes, so speak to us if you'd like to stop attendance.

Please note, if we don't see you when we're expecting you, we always will try and make contact. Essentially to make sure everything is okay!
Petra asks

What shall I wear to do classes, or my induction?
During the induction there may be a bit of physical movement, so please wear loose fitting clothing (yoga pants, trackie bottoms, that sort of thing. The same as you would wear to the gym). This is of course the same for the classes, where there’ll be lots of movement.

Please note that we request everyone completes their classes in socks, as opposed to shoes (even dedicated gym footwear). The reason for this is to support cleanliness and hygiene in the studio. If you’d like to purchase socks to complete your session in, then we do sell some super ones (which have separated toes and a grippy bottom), however you can also buy these on Amazon or from other suppliers too.
Gemma asks

I've been following you on Facebook and it all seems very light-hearted.
Well, we're a happy bunch here at Total Therapy Studios. Often we know that people can be a little bit nervous about health care, so whilst we take your care very seriously indeed, we like to do it with a smile. But yes, we admit it- often pictures of cats and other such silliness do end up on our Facebook page. We've got a great engagement with our clients, and a lively communuty there, so why not follow us by clicking here?
Everybody asks

This is a lovely website - who made it?
Clearly this is a shameless plug from our web guy. As well as supporting Total Therapy Studios, Dom works as a designer. He does all of our branding and marketing, and yeah this site too. You can visit his website by clicking here.
Morris asks

Do you have gift vouchers available?
We sure do. Gift vouchers are available from us so you can treat friends, family or colleagues to treatment or classes with us. When you get one we’ll put the voucher against their account with us (or create one if they’re not already a client) so they can redeem their voucher at their leisure. We’ve got a couple of nice vouchers too so you’ve got something to give them.
Caroline asks

I’ve been given a gift voucher. How do I use it?
It’s very simple – just give us a call to make an appointment. The chances are that someone got you a voucher for something specific (although they are transferable, so please ask). The person who bought you the voucher would have given us your name, so just let us know you’ve got a voucher and we’ll get the appointment booked in. Simple as that!
Maggie asks

I got an email from you as it’s my birthday. What’s this about?
It’s one of the many ways that we like to reward our clients. In the month of your birthday we’ll send you a voucher that you can use to have 30% off any treatment or therapy. Sadly it’s not redeemable for appointments with Sarah, or for class pass purchases (you can’t use it with any other offer either). However, it’s a great way to get a treatment at a discounted price, especially one of the more ‘pampering’ holistic treatments that Michelle or Linda offer.
Malcolm asks

Do you have changing or locker rooms?
Despite the amount of classes we run, we are quite a small facility. Therefore, we don’t have locker rooms (like you may be used to in a country club, or the Pavillions). However, we do have a cloakroom where you can store shoes, coats and your outside bags, and our toilets are of a size where most of our clients change.
Emily asks

This all sounds great - can I come and have a look around?
Sure - we love visitors. If you tell us your coming then we might even put the kettle on and get some biscuits out! All joking aside, it'd be great to see you so pop in any time. Our opening hours are on our contact page.
Our online booking system

Is there an official 'help guide'?
The system that we use is trusted by clinics all over the world, and we've been using it for about four years now. If you'd like to read the official client guide, then you can visit the official Pike 13 help guide by clicking here. Please note though, this contains information about buying passes and kiosks which isn't relevant to us. However, it does contain all of the infomation about booking and removing yourself from classes.
Our online booking system

Do I have to use your online system? I like talking to people and emailing in.
That’s no problem at all, if you don’t want to use the online system that’s fine and we’re never going to force you to do so. You can always call us, or email us, and we'll help you with managing your attendance. That said, if you use the online system you're more likey to be able to get on classes, and keep a better track of your credits etc.
Our online booking system

How do I register to use it?
The emais you get, such as class bookings and reminders come direct from this system, and you can register through these emails. You may have also received a 'welcome email'. If you haven't registered, then you can do so in the following ways:

1) From a welcome email, click on the link that says 'go to my account', and then register your password there.
2) From any of our reminders, click on 'see details' and it will take you direct to our system.
Our online booking system

Do I have to keep finding your emails to log onto the system?
When you access any link on our emails, it will open the Pike 13 website. Whilst you can of course access the site from these emails, you can also create a bookmark oor shortcut to this page, depending on what system you use. We've also put a link to the online system at the bottom of every page of our website.
Our online booking system

Can I still tell you at the end of the class if I’m not going to be there the following week?
Absolutely. Our instructors still takethe normal roll call.
Our online booking system

If I take myself off a class, does it affect my permanent place?
No. The unique system that we have for ‘guaranteed permanent places’ won’t be affected. You’ll only have the facility online to book yourself onto, or remove yourself, individual classes. If you're removed from a class the email will read that your 'registration has been cancelled', but as above this is only registration for that class; no permanent places can be modified or lost using our system.
Our online booking system

Will I still get a reminder for my class two days ahead of time?
You’ll still get the reminder. These historically were two days before, but we had an issue with our system which could only send these out 24 hours ahead of time. However, as of Feb 2019, these have gone back to 48 hours before a class (essentially we hit our developer over the head with a rolled up Pilates mat until they sorted this for us).
Our online booking system

If I cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice will I be charged a credit still?
Our cancellation policy for a class is 24 hours, and therefore if we have less notice than this that you won't be coming then you will be charged a class credit. Many of our clients do the same class week in week out and it's part of their routine. And, more importantly, with our online system clients also have the ability to check your upcoming schedule at any time, so it's possible for you to have a greater awareness of what classes you're booked into. So, yes. We have this policy in place to encourage attendance, which is good for everyone.
Our online booking system

Is the online system accurate?
It is. To be honest everything is MORE accurate online, as you interact directly with our class registration system. Historically our reception team processed any requests manually, and whilst they’re normally very good there can be an element of human error. Therefore, interacting with our system directly is more accurate for you.
Our online booking system

Can I see how many credits I have left, and buy more online?
On your profile you're able to see how many credits you have, however we’re not opening the facility to buy more just yet. Please note that the system shows how many you have left, as opposed to how many you've used in a specific pack.
Our online booking system

If I’m booking myself onto a different class, how can I be sure it’s right for me?
We’ve made sure we’ve updated all of our classes on the system with the level of the class. Before booking yourself onto a class you haven’t done before, please check the level. Of course, our instructors will be looking out for people they haven’t seen before so we’ll be making sure we’re focusing on you. We’ll also be updating all of our class descriptions on the website in due course too.
Our online booking system

Will emails come from you?
Emails look like they're coming from 'Total Therapy Studios', but they're actually coming direct from our system, which is called Pike 13 (they’re based in the Pike Place area in Seattle, which is why they’ve got a rather odd name!) Don't forget to check your spam or junk folders if you don't get them, and if they end up in there then assign them to your 'safe' list.
Our online booking system

What do I do if I can’t get it to work?
Well, just pick up the phone and we’ll see what we can do. Please note that our reception team won’t be able to log on to your screen and see what’s happened, and of course, they’re not a true IT helpdesk about such things! However, drop us a line in the usual way, and we’ll see how we can help.