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We're Total Therapy Studios, the leading provider of physical and holistic therapies, Pilates and movement classes, and equipment Pilates in the local area.
We're famous for our broad range of classes, expert therapists, and friendly approach across our two clinics in the centre of Horsham.


Our Fantastic Team
At Total Therapy we believe that finding the right therapist or teacher for each individual is one of the most important elements towards your optimum health and wellbeing.Someone you trust, someone you connect with, and someone whose specialism and experiences spark that motivation within you to be the best you can be. We're so proud of our outstanding team who are not only experts in their field, but have been handpicked for their warm, engaging and friendly manner. We're all committed to working together to find you the right path, the right therapy and the right person to help you get to where you need to be.

They all have a story as to how they came to work at Total Therapy Studios and what they personally bring, and we're keen to share these stories so you can connect with the person behind the therapy.


As we continue to grow, we're always looking for people to join us as part of our integrated team. We also have facilities for independent therapists to rent treatment space from us and base their therapy business under our roof.
Sarah Dover-McCarthy

Founder and Clinical Director
I'm Sarah, and I own and run Total Therapy Studios. I first qualified nearly 25 years ago now as a Clinical Sports Therapist, and over the years my clinical knowledge and interest in all things anatomical has led me through a very unique journey into what I do now, for which there is no real title!

I believe that the body works in a way that's so complex and so integrated that it’s very rare for one type of treatment or exercise to rid us of all the aches and pains that impair our daily function. I wanted be the sort of therapist that could deliver whatever was needed to feel well, move well and be well, which is why my studies have taken me through various disciplines at diploma level to MSc in manual and manipulative therapy, movement and exercise therapy, rehabilitation, nutrition, somatics, Clinical Pilates, neurodynamics, and as a Kinetic Control Movement therapist. I was getting so busy that I quickly realised I couldn’t do everything, so in 2012 Total Therapy Studios was born - a place to bridge the gap between exercise and medicine and put a little bit of what we all need under one roof. Today we have so many choices around therapy and exercise and it can be expensive and confusing to find a solution that works with long term results, and in my experience a combined approach is normally the most successful. I wanted to create a warm, welcoming environment where specialists genuinely work together to create an affordable and effective journey to full physical and mental wellbeing. I am passionate about education and have taught all over the country to other medical and movement professionals on post graduate training courses, and have been lucky enough to have invited to be a guest lecturer on Sports Therapy, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy BSc and MSc courses. However my real passion is in educating the public and giving people the knowledge and motivation to make informed choices towards their physical and mental health.

I have recently taken a step back from treatment in order to dedicate more time to the team, the business and to our clients to explore new ideas. But above all, continue to provide a place in the community that will support people’s journey to optimum health and wellbeing.

And what else could I tell you? Well, I used to be a gymnast (a long time ago), but probably explains why I'm so bendy! I have been a county netball, squash and badminton player, competed nationally in athletics, but now prefer to hack about on the golf course and relax in other ways. I love music (except jazz - don't get me started about jazz). I also sing in a local band called The Awesome Covers Band so you might find us promoting local gigs in the studio too! When I am not doing that I am either annoying my cats or drinking wine.

Jack Boatwright

Clinical Sports Therapist, Running Biomechanics
Jack is the really tall one and is the only other boy at the studio. I was at the point of looking into human cloning after 6 months of interviewing for a Sport Therapist when a letter popped into my inbox. Jack looked mildly terrifying in the photo he sent, but how wrong I was! Jack is undoubtedly one of the kindest people I have ever met and boy he knows his stuff. I knew he was right for the studio when he said “ My view is to have all patients leave the clinic with less pain and more knowledge” Boom he was hired.

After completing his degree in Sports Therapy in 2014, he worked in a clinical practice in South London. He made the move down to Horsham in 2016 and has been a full time member of the team ever since and I am privileged to have him by my side.

Jacks main passions are around functional movement of the body and postural dysfunction, and is particularly knowledgeable on the knees and shoulders. Education plays a huge part in every treatment he delivers and he takes the time to explain and help you understand why you are experiencing pain or mobility issues as he knows that this is greatest tool you can have towards a long term recovery. Since qualifying in 2014, he has undergone post graduate training in Myofascial therapy, functional movement, advanced manual therapy and running biomechanics. His hands on skills are intuitive and vast and his combined approach to manual therapy and movement health always gets results.

Jack has a long sporting history of rugby, football and boxing – oh and how can we forget that he nearly got the part of young Voldemort in the Harry Potter Films. Jack entered the world of parenthood in May 2019 and these days enjoys running and football. His favourite food is Vegan, and is often found in the clinic sharing his recipes and vegan cakes!

Sophie Lewis

Clinical Sports Therapist , Clinical Pilates and Yoga
I met Sophie by chance in 2012 on the recommendation of a patient. Sophie had just finished her Sports Therapy Degree at Chichester University as soon as we met I knew I wanted her to come and work at Total Therapy Studios before someone else snapped her up. Her roots into the profession followed a similar path to my own with her passion for sport and exercise, and at the time I met her I was the only therapist or instructor at the studio as I had not long opened!

In her time as a therapist at the studio, Sophie developed a passion towards group exercise and loves working with the “platinum” population. She is one the finest most effective clinical exercise teachers I know. She effortlessly brings her knowledge and infectious personality into her classes and makes me and her classes laugh every day. She is a ray of sunshine, and a loud one at that.

Sophie has a huge thirst for knowledge and has a wide skill set including (deep breath now) GP referrals, cardiac rehab, pre- and post-natal, post- and pre-operative rehabilitation, back care and pain management, postural correction and optimum performance, yoga therapy and clinical pilates. So whether you're an elite or injured athlete or a stiff couch potato, she'll find a way to make sure your exercise is effective.

Sophie took a break from the studio to enter the world of motherhood, and now has 2 beautiful girls. We are so glad to have her back and look forward to seeing her more over the course of 2021. Sophie is super fit and a CrossFit officiando, she loves running, and taking her chocolate Labrador for long walks (as in - the dog is chocolate in colour; it is not, of course, made of chocolate). She also bakes a cracking cupcake which she often makes for us and her classes!

Pollyanna Phillips

Sports Therapist
Joining us in May 2022 Pollyanna - or simply Polly - is the newest member of the biomechanics team.

Like Sarah and Jack, she's a Sports Therapist, and obtained her degree at Solent University. She's incredibly passionate about sport, health, and fitness and has worked with various sports teams across the South. This focus on sports has continued, and she's also supported cyclists, runners and other athletes in maintaining great performance. However it’s worthy of mention that - like all of our biomechanics team - it’s not all about sport and athletics! She has a huge interest in rehabilitation and functional movement, and can support you in getting you moving without pain or discomfort. She believes that by staying active and moving you’re never limited to what you can achieve

We were blown away by not only her knowledge and outlook, but also her fantastic friendly manner, and she's hugely engaging with clients. Therefore we see her fitting in perfectly with the rest of the team here. When not working, she enjoys spending her free time outside whether this be roller skating, barefoot running or going for long walks, and she is always finding a way to soak up the sunshine. When she’s not outside you’ll find her strength/functional training in the gym or stretching out to maintain her mobility and flexibility! She is also a dog lover, which means she'll fit right in with the rest of the gang.

Sarah Campbell

Chartered Physiotherapist, Medical Acupuncturist, KLT
Sarah joined us in February 2020 and worked in the clinic for about 2 months when lockdown happened! But boy did she make an impact in those 2 months and very quickly was fully booked each week.

Sarah graduated from Coventry University in 2004 with a BSc Hons degree in Physiotherapy and after completing her basic rotations quickly focused her interest in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. She worked for 5 years in the NHS predominantly in the Plymouth University Hospitals Trust, after which she worked privately in the UK before moving to the UAE. Based in Dubai, she worked in a well respected clinic where she had the opportunity to work with the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Physiotherapy team and for the International Rugby Sevens tournament.

Sarah’s passion is working with people with chronic pain and has a huge toolbox to draw upon from Massage, soft tissue mobilization, manipulation, medical acupuncture, Clinical Pilates, and Kinetic Link Training (an exercise approach to biomechanically balanced, full-body resistance training) and uses all of these approaches in her assessment and treatment sessions to uncover and treat underlying causes for pain and problems, which is what Total Therapy is all about.

She also uses CBT techniques to help patients see things from a different perspective, which can be invaluable with pain management and performance.

She also loves horses! Well that is an understatement - since returning to the UK in 2019 after 5 years away, she has been enjoying spending time outside in the “green” with her children and her horse, and has recently developed a unique service which greatly benefits horse riders and horses which you can read all about here

She loves the great outdoors and played rugby for many years and has done a few marathons in her time, but now loves nothing better than a cycle ride or yomp through the countryside with her children.

Lucy Knollys

Chartered Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor
Lucy joined us towards the end of 2023, and we’re so thrilled she has! She’s been a Chartered Physiotherapist for 30 years, specialising in musculoskeletal conditions, and these many years of experience have given her a unique, holistic approach to how she supports clients.

She’s a qualified Pilates instructor too (just how we like ‘em!) and she brings elements of her Pilates training into Physiotherapy to aid recovery and longer-term flexibility. In symmetry to this, the therapy aspect of her training and deep understanding of how the body works enables her to advise each individual on the optimum Pilates technique for them.

Like all of our team she’s deeply qualified and experienced, holding a 1st class honours BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy in which she gained in 1993. A year after this she set up her own private practice which she ran alongside her NHS roles. In 1996 she achieved her Diploma in Academic and practical Physiotherapy for Sport, a qualification she took further, gaining a MSc in Physiotherapy in 2000 from UCL. During her NHS career she worked at St George’s London as an Extended Scope Practitioner and Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, becoming Manager and Superintendent of Outpatients at St Mary’s, Roehampton in 2004. It was during this time that Lucy did her first Pilates course with the APPI.

We first met Lucy following a home visit she was delivering opposite the house of one of our long-standing clients. Their paths crossed, and our client (upon realising she was a Physiotherapist) shared that we were recruiting. At our first meeting, we realised that her wide-ranging experience makes her hugely adaptable in her approach when it comes to dealing with different conditions and she’d make a wonderful addition to our team. Her patients and class attendees describe her as having an empathetic ear and as someone who really does go the extra mile in her care for them.

She lives in Cuckfield with her family and dog, loves walking and swimming and singing.

Jackie Evans

Clinical Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist
, Personal Trainer
Jackie came to see me for treatment many years ago to help her through chronic injury and pain from a lifetime of sport in county hockey, athletics, volleyball, football, badminton, running to name but a few, so in essence very sporty!

At the time I met her she was working full time in London in an office, but was studying with the London School of Sports Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy to become a Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. I didn’t see her for while (I am hoping because I fixed her), and in 2019 I approached her to see if she wanted to come and work for us as we had sadly lost our existing therapist. She said yes!

Jackie has always had a passion for sport and gained a Sport Science degree in 2000. She has had a varied office based career until taking the plunge into full time therapy in 2018. Her experience working in an office environment for a number of years, sitting at a desk all day and exercising in her spare time means that she can completely relate and sympathise with the need for remedial massage for office workers!

Jackie is now also a qualified Personal Trainer and uses this knowledge along with her exceptional hands on skills to help her clients move better, feel better and train better.

She works with a full spectrum of clients ranging from GB athletes to those suffering with degenerative conditions or those with sedentary lifestyles suffering with muscular imbalances and workplace stress.

When not working Jackie can be found playing netball, on the track, in the gym and being a mum. She loves to ski, travel and listen to live music (those were the days). Her favourite snack is salted cashew nuts!

Carol-Maria Caiado

Osteopathy, Bowen Therapy & Acupuncture
With over two decades of experience as an Osteopath, I earned my Honours degree from the British School of Osteopathy in 2002. My professional journey began 25 years ago with Sports Therapy, and I later expanded my skills with training in Bowen and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture.

My areas of special interest are treating patients with poor posture and breathing mechanics, autonomic syndromes, anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalances.

In 2015, I completed training with The European College of Bowen Studies. Bowen Therapy, a form of remedial bodywork, gently stretches the fascia to alleviate pain, induce relaxation, and improve motor function, promoting overall body balance. My treatments embody a holistic approach, combining various methods to provide comprehensive care. It is important to remember that treatment starts off gently and may involve the use of osteopathic techniques and manipulation. This approach addresses not only specific ailments but also considers the overall well-being of the individual, promoting harmony and balance in their health journey.

Catherine Leavett

Clinical Massage Therapy
Catherine is an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist and has been practising massage for over 8 years. She has lived in Horsham for 10 years with her husband and two children. Prior to moving to Horsham, Catherine lived in London working for the BBC and an educational charity before deciding to change careers and train as a massage therapist. In 2014 she started her training as a Holistic Massage therapist and subsequently went on to specialise in pregnancy and post-natal remedial therapy. She has always had an interest in massage. In fact, many moons ago when she went travelling around the world for a year, she had a massage in every country.
More recently she has been training towards a BTEC Level 6 Professional Diploma in Clinical and Sports massage therapy with Jing Massage. This 3-year degree level course focuses on helping those experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain and injury and uses a fusion of advanced bodywork techniques from both East and West including trigger point, fascial work, acupressure and stretching. When not working Catherine can be found cooking, walking, cycling, having a glass of wine and being mum. Her favourite food is sushi and quinoa!

We're absolutely thrilled to have Catherine here with us at Total Therapy Studios, and are sure she'll make a great addition to the team.

Pia Gronroos

I met Pia on an Myotherapy diploma course for dogs (I know right!), I was teaching on the course, and I soon learned that she was the Acupuncturist based down the road from me that my clients were raving about. Acupuncture was always something that I wanted to offer at Total Therapy Studios, so I called and asked if she wanted to expand her acupuncture provision in Horsham, and since 2015 she has been doing just that.

Pia completed her four year training in Acupuncture in 2003 from the International College of Oriental Medicine where she had already qualified in Swedish massage in 2001. This is one of the oldest training schools in the country and delivers the most comprehensive acupuncture and Chinese medicine training program available in the UK.

In 2005 she also qualified as Yoga teacher, and uses all her knowledge in Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis, nutrition, massage, and Yoga in her treatments, and is truly like no other Acupuncturist I've ever met. She is also a qualified crystal healer and Toltec energy healer, which gives her a deeper understanding of how the body, mind and emotions are intertwined and allows her to provide a truly individual treatment. The fusion of her knowledge and training allows her to relieve and improve postural imbalances, tune into the energy centres of the body, and empowers you to understand what your body needs and how to heal yourself. This enables healing on the inside and out and help you better understand yourself and your body.

Her work with the body pulses is truly amazing as she can feel up to 28 different qualities of each pulse which tell her how you are in the present moment. She treated me when I was suffering with my asthma. Not only did I see immediate improvements, but my asthma has been noticeably different since.

Pia loves to study, research, and constantly updates her knowledge to understand how to find the perfect balance to thrive, be happy and healthy. She really is an encyclopedia of alternative medicine, and loves nature, animals and enjoys making her own natural skin products. She is one of the most deeply spiritual people I know, has a wonderful sense of humour and on special occasions has been known to wear a unicorn onesie to work. No, really.

Linda Jewell

Linda was with me from day one at the birth of Total Therapy Studios as our sole receptionist. She was there that first Monday when we opened the doors and said "Right, what now?". I've treated Linda for many years and once I knew I was opening a studio, I never doubted that she would be a perfect fit for the studio in whatever role she had; I only hoped that she would want to work with me!

Linda qualified as a Reflexologist in 2015, and has been providing treatments at the clinic ever since. She has a loyal client base and now offers foot, hand and facial Reflexology and provides a calm quiet space for you to relax and for your body to be nurtured and restored through the principles of this ancient energy medicine.

Linda has a natural affinity with people and has a warmth and friendliness which allows her to engage with everyone she meets. She is deeply compassionate and worries about me constantly, and I can honestly say the place would not be the same without her.

She is also a full time mum to two wonderful girls and shares my passion for good wine and laughing (these two passions are quite often connected).

Nalini (Michelle) Deane

Womens Wellbeing Coach, Scarwork, Yoga and Meditation
I met Nalini in a past life when we used to be government aid buyers (yes, you heard that right). We weirdly met on an Aromatherapy diploma course in 1994 and realised that we actually worked in the same building as each other. We started a slightly secret friendship away from the eyes of our bosses where we'd sneak out for coffee (or beer after work) in order to discuss our grand life plans and how we'd leave that place one day.

And leave she did, she sold up and packed her bags and went off to the Umbrian Hills in Italy to live and work in the Ananda spiritual community and yoga retreat centre, which reshaped her whole life. Living as part of a yoga community deepened her experience in yoga and meditation.

She stayed in Italy for 14 years and in 2014 came back to good old Blightly. Her time and experience in the hills in Umbria led her to become a highly qualified and deeply holistic therapist, healer and teacher with a deep intuition, compassion, and connection with nature.

Nalini suffered for many years with intense pain and PMT, which led her to discover Alexandra Pope's work on Menstrual Cycle Awareness. Apart from drastically reducing her symptoms, this work transformed the way she lived her life and she went on to study with Alexandra to qualify as a menstrual and menopause coach. She continued her training, qualifying in womb Yoga and Yoga Nidra, which fully integrates her holistic approach to women's wellness.

Nalini blends all of her skills and qualifications in women's wellbeing, coaching, aromatherapy, reiki, Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Bach Flower Remedies and body psychology into unique and bespoke sessions. Her approach is authentic and deeply rooted in her own experience and life journey. She creates a safe space for support, empathy and guidance in your journey into healing and empowerment, and promotes physical and emotional healing through body, mind and soul. She offers unique Yoga and women's wellness classes and workshops, and facilitates regular women's circles.

Since Nalini has been back in the UK, she has also qualified as a Scarwork practitioner. This therapy is still pretty unique in the UK and can be read about more in the therapies section of the website.

Nalini is mad about animals (cats specifically), reads everything, loves wildlife, and is normally responsible for the freshly brewed coffee and cake provision in the studio. She has a passion for herbs, grows loads herself, and teaches fabulous herb workshops.

Sophie Lewis

Clinical Sports Therapist , Clinical Pilates and Yoga
I met Sophie by chance in 2012 on the recommendation of a patient. Sophie had just finished her Sports Therapy Degree at Chichester University as soon as we met I knew I wanted her to come and work at Total Therapy Studios before someone else snapped her up. Her roots into the profession followed a similar path to my own with her passion for sport and exercise, and at the time I met her I was the only therapist or instructor at the studio as I had not long opened!

In her time as a therapist at the studio, Sophie developed a passion towards group exercise and loves working with the “platinum” population. She is one the finest most effective clinical exercise teachers I know. She effortlessly brings her knowledge and infectious personality into her classes and makes me and her classes laugh every day. She is a ray of sunshine, and a loud one at that.

Sophie has a huge thirst for knowledge and has a wide skill set including (deep breath now) GP referrals, cardiac rehab, pre- and post-natal, post- and pre-operative rehabilitation, back care and pain management, postural correction and optimum performance, yoga therapy and clinical pilates. So whether you're an elite or injured athlete or a stiff couch potato, she'll find a way to make sure your exercise is effective.

Sophie took a break from the studio to enter the world of motherhood, and now has 2 beautiful girls. We are so glad to have her back and look forward to seeing her more over the course of 2021. Sophie is super fit and a CrossFit officiando, she loves running, and taking her chocolate Labrador for long walks (as in - the dog is chocolate in colour; it is not, of course, made of chocolate). She also bakes a cracking cupcake which she often makes for us and her classes!

Sarah Littleford

Clinical Pilates, Equipment Pilates, Corrective Exercise
Sarah moved to Horsham from London and was looking for a studio within which she could continue her Pilates Therapy business that she'd built up so successfully in London. Her knowledge and passion for therapeutic Pilates was evident immediately, however it was her warm and gentle personality and gliding posture that won me over.

I soon learned that her interest in Pilates came from her time studying for a classical ballet diploma. After suffering a back injury, Pilates became a valuable tool during her recovery process. A couple of years later in 2004, she became a fully certified Pilates instructor with Pilates International in Australia, one of the best qualifications in the world. She continued to take courses in Gyrotonics (ask her what this is - it's very clever stuff), structural anatomy, The Franklin Method and also has a VTCT level three diploma in Swedish massage. She's worked at various studios with Physiotherapists in clinics in London and uses her clinical experience and knowledge to personalise her group sessions to keep them relevant to each individual.

Sarah’s classes have a lovely flow and sound and look gentle in nature (she can rarely be heard downstairs when she's teaching) but don’t be fooled, I don’t know how she does it but you'll jolly well know you've done it a few hours later. Sarah has two young children which keep her pretty busy, and I know she is looking forward to being able to do more at the studio, which I would love as she always makes me smile.

She also has two adorable white kittens that she often sends us pictures of and is a mum to two girls, but we think she prefers the kittens!

Tish Dodson

Movement Therapist and Yoga Practitioner
Tish emailed me just before the pandemic as she had recently moved to Horsham and was responding to our advert for new therapists and instructors for the Carfax. As you can imagine the timing couldn’t have been worse, because about 2 weeks later we closed our doors for what turned out to be nearly 18 months.

What stood out for me was not her first email but the second one about 2 hours later which read “I just had a good look at your great website where your personal touch has really come across, and realised my last email was all a bit serious. I am also a singer whose not into Jazz and love to work as part of a team that works in the heart of the community to make a difference”.

Yep that’ll do!

In the months that followed I got to know more and more about Tish and the more I learned the more I knew she would be great for the studio.Tish is an experienced yoga teacher with a multi disciplined approach, specialising in alignment and posture biomechanics using the teachings of Katy Bowman’s 'Nutritious Movement', Gary Ward’s 'Finding Centre', the MUTU system for pelvic girdle dysfunction and Dr Richard Smisek’s 'Spiral Stabiliation' method for the spine and spinal conditions.

Her teaching style explores the micro-movements involved in postural biomechanics and movement flow, and incorporates the philsophies and teachings of yoga, pilates, breathwork, awareness, visualiation and meditation.

Again a truly unique teacher and therapist who teaches to the need of each individual in a group setting. She can spot movement flow and gait deficiencies and instinctively knows when and how to progress each individual to the next level.

Having given birth to 3 children in 8 years, she is passionate about supporting mums (and men too) through the MUTU system, which is a clinically approved program now used by the NHS for post natal recovery, pelvic floor dysfunction, stress incontinence and prolapse.

Tish owns her own Yoga Studio in Wimbledon, so we have lot to talk about, and has a great sense of humour. I am really looking forward to how we can collaborate our skills to bring specialist workshops to the studio in Womens Health and spinal pathologies such as scoliosis, disc degeneration, arthritis and SIJ dysfunction.

And maybe a musical collaboration further down the line...

Tammy Freeman

Movement Coach,
Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer
Tammy was a client for many years and was in the process of a career change into the fitness industry when we first met. Her thirst for knowledge and learning was so vast that I thought it may drown her, but she didn’t stop because she had clearly found what she was looking for (the other U2 song).

She rather nervously approached me one treatment and asked if I would ever consider taking her on at the studio, and I had to break the news that I was only currently looking for a Pilates teacher. Well that was that, back she was a year later with her Pilates qualification and a whole host of other diploma’s and qualifications.

Well I simply couldn’t turn that sort of enthusiasm down. Since joining us in 2016 she has found her passion in the more technical aspects of Pilates, movement therapy and strength and Conditioning, something which is often lacking within the fitness industry. She has identified that many people want to push themselves harder but lack the technical instruction to do so safely.

2021 will see Tammy offering a new kind of class to the studio which is for those who want to go to the next level by adding complexity, speed and resistance to their workouts safely and effectively, and inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

Tammy has a bespoke set of skills in a wide range of disciplines from advance personal training, to Pilates, pole fitness and kettlebells, to a master practitioner in NLP. She uses all of these tools to help people explore a variety of ways and environments to get moving, and uses a unique holistic approach to exercise which takes into account the interconnection between movement, mind-set, health and wellbeing, fun and play.

As a little girl she rarely sat still, moving, jumping, climbing trees and, most of all, dancing and we can tell you - not much has changed! She believes that movement should be fun, creative and imaginative and give you a sense of freedom and joy.

She is constantly challenging her own knowledge, perceptions and comfort zones, and has taken part in the number of events and challenges including walking the Great Wall of China for the NSPCC, Trekking Madagascar National park for St Catherine’s Hospice, Cotswold 100k Challenge, and Medal winner at the European & World Ultimate Fitness Championships in London & Canada in 2019.

She also has a hilarious Cat called Bandit.

Beth Suart

Clinical Pilates
I can remember my interview with Beth as she was so passionate about Pilates, especially around making it accessible for all ages and abilities and removing the fear around movement by really listening and responding to how people feel within their body.

She had a particular interest in the flexibility and mobility elements of Pilates and understood that more attention to these basic movement principles would truly allow the body to properly position, soften and respond better to the higher level strength components of Pilates. These were music to my ears as a clinician, as quite often people want exercise to provide fast results and pain relief without actually addressing the more basic underlying issues of limited range of movement and deep routed instabilities.

Beth’s journey into movement health started at 3 years old when she was “encouraged” by her parents to start dancing lessons in order to stop her jigging about constantly at home driving them insane! Little did they know that many years later this “encouragement” would see their daughter as a professional dancer in the west end as Dance Captain for Cats in London (and later the movie btw).

After Cats, she went on to do her exercise to music qualification followed by body combat, body balance, step, spin and body pump (of which she was a national assessor), and fully embraced the world of fitness and exercise instruction, before she took a break to have her children. This break from her punishing teaching schedule is what lead her to Pilates, as whilst she loved teaching high energy, high impact classes, her body was craving something different. In 2013 she gained her Clinical Pilates and Pure Stretch Pilates qualifications and joined the studio in 2015.

Beth is an inspirational teacher and loves to experiment with props, big balls, little balls, trigger point balls (well any ball really) to allow her clients to get the most from every class, and always feel better than when they arrived. She has developed a unique myofascial approach to her Pilates which focuses on releasing the connective tissues that hold our muscles and organs together, which is often a source of chronic pain. She recently qualified in Trigger Point Pilates and is now looking to further her understanding around Pilates and women’s health. So watch out for these new classes very soon.

She also told me not to mention that she once fell off a trapeze in-front of an audience of 1200, and her obsession with her cocker spaniel (which is why I have).

Wendy Watson

McTimony Chiropractic /
Wendy had been coming to our classes for a few years, and one day she asked me if we were looking for any more Pilates teachers as she had recently completed her Pilates Teacher Training. What I didn’t know is that Wendy was also an experienced McTimony chiropractor with clinics in both London and Worthing, had a degree in Biological Sciences and many years ago also qualified in Beauty therapy and exercise to music! Well it was a natural fit. Not only was she very familiar with the nature of our classes at Total Therapy, but she also had a wealth of clinical knowledge and experience to bring to her passion for Pilates.

Wendy is a very dedicated, enthusiastic healthcare professional with a passion for health and well-being, with 17 years of experience working as a chiropractor and many years’ experience prior to that working as a massage therapist in a variety of settings. Throughout her career she has worked alongside a number of health professionals and with clients from all walks of life, which has given her the skills to communicate well as a team member and to work with all clients in a friendly, approachable and understanding manner.

She has become an integral member of the Therapy and Pilates team and is always keen to progress her knowledge further in Pilates Rehabilitation and more recently hypopressive exercise. You can also read more about her by visiting her website - so be sure to check that out too.

Wendy has a wonderful soothing style due to her smooth Scottish accent, and often brings her new puppies (now dogs) for us to all coo over at the studio. In her spare time she loves to keep active and spend time outdoors with the family and her dogs and early morning bootcamps. She also loves Thai food.

Paula Baker

Paula has been coming to my classes for years and I like to think that I played a little part in her decision to become a Pilates teacher. The only thing Paula ever wanted to be as a child was a PE teacher, but the education system was very different in the 70’s and it wasn’t meant to be! Fast forward 35 years, and after snapping her Achilles playing Stoolball, along with (in her own words) a looming midlife crisis, the menopause and a touch of Empty Nest Syndrome, she took the plunge to train to be an Exercise to Music instructor at the age of 49. Sadly her knees decided they couldn’t cope with all the jumping around so she slid into the world of teaching Spin, which she has done for over five years now and still loves it.

Paula wanted to future proof herself in the exercise industry so with some guidance from myself (I hope), and a promise of a job at the end of it (apparently!), she trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute in 2018.

I am glad I made that promise as since qualifying she has embraced the world of Pilates and is integrating it with her other passions. Since 2018 she has embarked on further training in Pilates for Cyclist (her major passion), Pilates for Healthy Hips, Pilates for Osteoporosis and Back care for seniors.

Paula started our new Platinum Pilates class in 2019 which has been a lifeline for people with balance issues, degenerative conditions and ill health, alongside new beginners Pilates classes.

Her classes were so popular that we had grand plans for new classes with Paula in 2020 in Pilates for Sport, Pilates for cyclists, but you can probably work out what happened to those. But they will return.

Paula is very much an outdoor person, and between 2014 to 2017 did 15 Triathlons (literally exhausted just writing that) but now concentrates more on Cycling, and last year completed the New Forest Sportive and the 312 in Majorca (167k) which she describes as an amazing day. Paula is also a qualified horticulturalist, so when she is not running, cycling, or doing pilates she can be found in her garden or in France enjoying lots of food. She loves food – all food – maybe that’s why she cycles so far!

Her mantra is ‘Live for today, keep half an eye on tomorrow’. Wise words.

Claire Baker

Claire has been working in the fitness industry since 1997, dedicating herself to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Since 2004, she has been particularly passionate about teaching Pilates. With a background in personal training and experience in teaching group classes like Yoga and Pilates, as well as conducting instructor training, Claire finds inspiration in witnessing her clients improve their movement and reach their objectives.She believes that Pilates is a means of discovering stability to cultivate strength, and is a keen advocate that the principles of Pilates can help her clients move with more freedom while building strength and stability. In her classes, she places great emphasis on alignment and control, offering a diverse range of options to cater to everyone in an inclusive manner.

Claire has pursued training with various Pilates schools, but she finds the most value in approaches that have a clinical focus. Learning from physiotherapists has fueled her curiosity about how the body moves in different ways, and this natural inquisitiveness has solidified her affinity for the Pilates approach since the very beginning. Beyond her love for movement and the human body, Claire finds immense joy in helping people feel better, move better, and excel in their physical and intellectual endeavors. As the owner of a fitness industry training company, she takes pride in witnessing her learners succeed and obtain their qualifications, empowering them to make a positive impact on others' lives.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Claire is an outdoor enthusiast. She has completed marathons and ventured up mountains, although she now prefers hiking to spare her knees and lower back. Through her personal experiences, she has come to appreciate the benefits that Pilates offers for maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Emily Abbott

Emily joined us in 2023, and like many of our instructors has a history in performing arts. She started performing at the age of two, and quickly realised that she loved all things dance and performing related (the very opposite to the rest of her family) and thus began her passion for Musical Theatre. She worked professionally in modelling and TV/Film work during her teen years (maybe one day she'll show you the embarrassing pictures from that 'Go Girl' magazine shoot!) and at 16, moved to the London to train at Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts.

It was here that she was first introduced to Pilates by a teacher who taught both the Pilates session as well as her Anatomy lessons. She soon realised just how beneficial Pilates and an in depth understanding of the human body could be to performers. After graduating, Emily then began the life of a working actor, attending auditions whilst working other jobs like so many actors do. However, she has a broad spectrum of work in pantomimes, short films, commercials and presenting, having interviewed the likes of footballer Jesse Lingard and athlete Mo Farah.

Just before the pandemic, Emily had cultivated a timetable of teaching dance and performing arts to children ranging from toddlers right the way to late teens whilst still auditioning until the dreaded lockdown happened and both industries had grind to a halt. During COVID she diversified again and began nannying and helping families with the new found home schooling/working from home schedule, as well as helping out in local nurseries who were short of staff. At this time, Emily had dropped all high intensity exercise and revisited her love for Pilates in an attempt to help her body slow down and her hormones rebalance. This sparked the idea for her to blend her love for dance and movement, her experience teaching and love for holistic forms of exercise and healing to train as a Pilates instructor. Training with Neil Dimmock from the London Pilates Academy and after a lot of hard work, Emily gained her Mat and Reformer teacher training! He week is hugely busy and varied; running from Total Therapy, to teaching Musical Theatre to both children and adults and running a Stage School for children on a Saturday morning with the odd nannying thrown in every so often to help out. We’re so pleased to have Emily at the studio, with her boundless energy, humour, and engaging manner. Feedback was fantastic for the classes that she covered over the summer of 2023 and we’re so pleased to have her delivering her own classes in both our mat and equipment studios.

She loves spending time back on the Isle of Wight with her family and doting on her extremely cute nephew. She loves all things music and performing related, being in bed by 10pm and a beautiful sunset! Things we can all enjoy!

Alice Duke

Alice’s love for Pilates started when she was pregnant with her first child. It enabled her to stay strong throughout her pregnancy and get her strength back postnatally as well as iron out any of those postnatal niggles, and it gave her the mental headspace she needed at that life-changing moment too. She then qualified as a YMCA accredited Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor when she was pregnant with her second child. Alice is also a Level 3 Pre and Postnatal exercise specialist and has a STOTT Pilates Total Barre Instructor qualification.

She’s passionate about making people feel good through movement, to love their body for how it moves, and to understand the transformative power of Pilates for reconnecting body and mind. Alice loves the traditional mat repertoire devised by Joseph Pilates himself, but also takes inspiration from the flow of yoga, some more contemporary Pilates sequences, and loves an upbeat playlist to move to!

One thing Alice is adamant about is that Pilates is for anyone and everyone, and that we should all be doing it, and outlook that we’re all very keen on at Total Therapy Studios. She believes in the power of Pilates to reconnect body and mind, and that Pilates compliments all other exercise disciplines, giving you the strong foundations from which to move your body efficiently for whatever life you lead. With her energy, spirit and outlook we absolutely love the bounce she brings to our studios!

Outside of Pilates, Alice loves nothing more than a stroll in the park, coffee in hand, listening to a podcast, audiobook, or her next Barre playlist! With two small children most of her downtime is spent with them and her husband. With this busy life she doesn’t get to as many of the nice restaurants, live gigs or festivals as she used to, but loves a chat about the latest on trend recipe ingredient, appreciating how good nutrition, movement and balance are key to a happy and healthy life (oh and sleep, which is sometimes a little lacking these days!)

Jo Sherlock

Operations and Front of House
Jo came to the studio as an attendee to one of classes, and when I found myself looking for a new receptionist I knew she would be absolutely perfect. Jo was always so warm and caring towards everyone in her Pilates class, and always helped me tidy up after the class when everyone had left. Essentially this meant she'd already had a year long interview, and I was so happy when she said yes to becoming a member of the Total Therapy team.

Jo has an extensive background in PA and administration work for charities, churches and Gatwick Aiport (among others) and in 1996 took a break in to raise her beautiful family. In 2008 she returned to work as an admin assistant at a large local school where she remained until joining us in 2016.

Jo has a natural compassion and empathy for people, children and animals. She looks after us all, always makes sure that we are all okay, and offers everyone she meets kindness and support. She has a passion for making people feel and look good and since 1997 has been a qualified Swedish Massage Therapist, along with running a spray tanning business with her sister. Sadly she had to give up massage in 2019 to protect her hands, but she still very kindly offers to treat the team when they need it.

Jo loves the countryside and going for long walks with her family and dog, and is a wonderful mum to her children and animal family. She is often seen drinking odd coloured home made smoothies, bakes a cracking cake and will always share her lunch with you if you don't have any.

Dionne Benn

Operations and Front of House
Dionne followed a similar path to many of the team at Total Therapy, in that she was a regular client to the studio and came every week for Pilates and Yoga Nidra. One day after a class I was chatting to Dionne, and she was telling me that she had that very day decided to leave her job as reception manager at a large GP surgery. As it happened, this was on the day I had published an advert for a new receptionist! So a few emails and interviews later, Dionne joined the Total Therapy family in the summer of 2018.

Her previous role meant that she was already pretty clued up on all things reception and took to it like a duck to water. She also couldn't stop telling me how nice our clients were and how happy she was to be working with us. Based on some of the hilarious and sometimes horrendous stories she shares with us about her previous role, I now understand her comments completely and have a new found respect for GP receptionists!

Dionne is naturally caring, has a huge can-do attitude, and is always up for a challenge. She also has a great sense of humour and has been an absolute asset in her adaptability especially during the very challenging summer of 2020

She loves a night out, live music, great food, and like most of us: the odd G&T. She's a wealth of information on all the best places to eat and visit in and around Horsham; we call it Dionne's Directory!

Vicky Radhanauth

Operations and front of house
Vicky joined the Front of House “Admin Champion” team in October 2020 as the opening of our new site at the Carfax, and the re-opening of Denne Parade after lockdown in August 2020, meant that we needed much more support with what was going the be the start of the great comeback and recovery!

Well that didn’t quite pan out as planned, but Vicky was so perfect for the team that after one month in the job until we locked down again, we literally couldn’t imagine the place without her and was if she had always been there.

Prior to her role at Total Therapy Studios she enjoyed 22 years at Gatwick working for the 'worlds favourite airline” as a Customer Service Agent. She loved her job and her additional voluntary role as a union rep really ignited her passion to protect, care and look after people whose voices and needs may not have been heard. She met some fascinating people and has many many funny stories to tell, along some not so funny, verging on terrifying ones too!

Vicky’s role sadly was a casualty of the Covid 19 crisis, and we were delighted to have her join us. She is currently holding the fort at Denne Parade in what we call it “the immersive training experience”.

Vicky met her husband at 17 yrs old and has two Children now 27 and 24. She loves to travel (at a discount we hope) and is a very social soul and loves a good old natter. She craves the sunshine, gardening, eating and drinking and cannot wait until we can all go out, listen to some live music and generally have a cracking time.

Dominic Dover-McCarthy

Operations Director
Dominic is my husband, and is the chap that's sometimes seen behind the reception desk (which always surprises people). Historically an operations manager in the retail and hospitality industry, which in 2014 he left behind to fulfill his passion in all things design, marketing and business consultancy.

He has built up a great portfolio of clients in the last six years and Dom with fascinating divertsity. He works with the church of Ireland, has brought a Thai food brand to market, designs the annual report, website and charity Christmas cards for an artist charity, designed the new kit for the Horsham Ultimate Frisby Team, designed clothing ranges and has helped many small business expand their provision and brand presence.

Dom has been by my side supporting my vision right back from when I opened my first clinic in Horsham in 1999, but is now an integral part of what makes Total Therapy Studios operate as well as it does. He is constantly adapting and updating all the stuff behind the scenes to make sure that clients have a slick and professional customer experience and works tirelessly to try to get all the right information to the people it should. Total Therapy is now is very much a joint effort and our hearts and souls have been put into every inch of both of our premises. We have knocked down, built, sanded, painted both sites together with some amazing highs and some crushing lows, but we have always done it together and I now couldn't do it without him.

Dom is a true creative in not only business, but also an artist, photographer, musician, and plays guitar, bass, and piano. He produces both dance and orchestral music and is in the same band as me when we have time.

I have also more recently convinced him to take up golf, but I still don’t think he's sure about that one yet!


Our Associate Team

Whilst we pride ourselves in working as a fully integrated clinic, we also work closely in partnership with a number of other therapists. Working within our two clinics, they manage all bookings and payments with their clients directly, however we still see them as members of our team. To find out more about them please click below, and to find their contact details please visit our therapies page.
Helen Mercercox

Helen joined the Total Therapy Studios team in June 2022 as an associate therapist delivering Reiki from Carfax. As with all of our independent therapists, she manages all elements of the client journey herself, so you can find out more about her by visiting her website. She's a level two Reiki practitioner who trained with the wonderful Anja David in 2021 and has a warm friendly manner, truly putting everyone at ease as soon as she meets them.

Helen has practiced Yoga for many years and also works with essential oils, which she builds into all elements of her life as well as her treatments too. Hugely influenced by nature, she enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors bringing her Yoga practice to the forests and changing seasons. She also works alongside other wonderful organisations, such as the TreeSisters charity. This cause supports reforestation through positive change and raising awareness; you can read much more about this on her website.

Helen is a true holistic therapist, and we're so pleased to be working with her. Visit her website. for more information and to make a booking; you won't regret it.

Jackie Williams

Nutritional Therapy- ASSOCIATE THERAPIST
Jackie was introduced to me by Sarah Campbell one of our resident Physiotherapists. Sarah felt that nutritional therapy would be a great complement to both our clinical and holistic repertoire, and Jackie was the right person for the job. Nutritional therapy has in the past been a very successful therapy at Total Therapy, and we were infact looking for someone who able to offer this service on a regular basis. So I met Jackie, and I whole heartedly agreed that she was indeed the right person for the job!

Jackie’s passion for her therapy and the way she offers her treatments was music to my ears. She spoke about nutrition sensibly, knowledgeably and simply in a way that we all need to hear and know. After a lifetime of battling her weight she saw food only as calories, carbs, and fat, and ate more for comfort than nourishment. It wasn’t until after the birth of her three daughters that this disordered eating and poor relationship with food was replaced with the desire to properly nourish both her daughters and herself. This drive led her to three years of study and clinical experience at the respected College of Naturopathic Medicine and she continues to expand her knowledge through reviewing the latest nutritional research.

Now armed with her holistic understanding of the interconnectedness between nutrition, environment, lifestyle and genetics she is motivated and inspired to share her knowledge of nutrition and how it can promote your health and wellbeing.

Jackie takes on a functional medicine approach to support the whole person through reviewing all of your body systems, lifestyle and diet to develop an individualised and manageable nutritional and lifestyle plan based on your goals. She aims to support the underlying causes of imbalances which may be contributing to symptoms and conditions.

Jackie truly believes that ‘knowledge is power’ and this underpins her passion to empower you with the right tools, education and understanding to support your health and wellness long term. Jackie is new to TTS Holistic, but her passion for what she does is infectious and I know will be a valuable addition to the Total Therapy provision and team.

Katie Weedon

Katie was recommended to me by one of the instructors that works at Total Therapy Studios, as she was coming to the end of her residency where she was working. As soon as I met her I was so inspired by her friendly manner and engaging composure. It took place at a time of much change here at the studio, and she was keen to work independently as an Associate Therapist, which fitted in with our plans in the Carfax perfectly. She joined us at the start of March, and I know that she'll be very successful. She has an enormous client base in Horsham, many of whom come to the studio already!

Her career and passion in beauty started when she studied at Chichester college 15 years ago. She then travelled the world on a prestigious cruise ship, offering premium spa treatments, as it's her other passion - all things travel! On her return she settled back in the UK in Horsham, and worked in local salons and spas for a further ten years.

During this time she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the beauty and aesthetic industry which led her to set up on her own, which is when The Lash Loft was born.

She primarily specialises in lash treatments, focusing on natural enhancements including tinting, lash lifting and lash extensions. However, there's much more on offer such as facial and body waxing, brow shaping, all nail treatments plus a few holistic treatments such as scalp massage and hopi ear candling too. Reflective of our first meeting, her priority is very much her clients and offering a friendly, relaxing haven to enjoy their treatments.

In her spare time, she's very active; cycling and sea swimming are new hobbies discovered during the pandemic, but she also enjoys running and Pilates (we kinda like people who like Pilates!) Travel remains her passion also, taking any opportunity to explore new countries and learn about other cultures, but like so many of us staycations have become her new 'travel' over the last few years. Amazingly she also has two house bunnies, Teddy and Baloo. No, really.

Jo Ball

Hypnotherapist, Coach, Yoga Instructor
Jo was introduced to the studio during lockdown by Sarah C our Physio after attending one of her Yoga workshops. Sarah felt that Jo would be a great fit for the studio, so I was on the blower in no time! Jo trained as an executive coach in 2012 with the Academy of Executive Coaches and more recently as a Hypnotherapist. She has a natural empathy with people and has a real passion around helping others to realise their self potential and fulfillment in all areas of life, career, health and relationships through self discovery and balance.

She brings all of her knowledge, skills and personality into everything she offers and utilises a multi-disciplinary approach to help people explore the power of Yoga to help make positive changes within our lives and ourselves.

Her yoga journey started after her twins were born through IVF in 2015, when she went back to a demanding senior work role determined to prove that she could be a successful career woman and new mother. In her own words she was 'managing', and whilst she was fulfilling her goals and beliefs of “success” by juggling a busy career and family commitments, in reality she was suffering from exhaustion.

She realised something had to change, and as a qualified coach, embarked on her own coaching journey (with herself as the client) to form a new vision of what success would look like for her and her family.

Her new vision involved things important to her such as picking the children up from school, helping others through coaching and yoga and a burning desire to bake her own bread; a seemingly small, insignificant desire, but one that turned out to be a major factor in enabling change. In the 2 years that followed, she left her job and found part-time work from home which allowed her the time and energy to undertake her own yoga teacher training. Having practiced yoga for over 20 years (nearly 40 years if you include the yoga she did with her mum as a child), she was able to teach!

Her subtle yoga style focuses on feel, breath and movements that feel right for your body and mind in any given moment to gain both physical and mental strength, flexibility and balance - both on the mat and in all aspects of life.

We are so excited to have Jo as part of both the yoga and therapy team, and we cannot wait to see her fly at TTS. Jo is passionate about horses (maybe that’s why Sarah really liked her!) and competed in Dressage until her twins were born in 2015. She now just rides for fun and loves walking her energetic dog Hugo and playing with her new puppy, Herbert - never a dull moment apparently!

Daniele Dickenson

Danielle has a strong interest in Neurology (working with people with brain injury - stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s etc), but also visits those who, for whatever reason, struggle to leave their home or care home, or prefer to be visited in their own environment.

Having qualified at Brunel in 1999, she has worked within the NHS and private practice since.

Danielle lives locally and in her free time enjoys canicross with her German shepherd-x, going to the gym and motorcycling (in the fair-weather months). In the past she has skydived, paraglided, climbed, dived and skied, which has taken her to some beautiful parts of the world.

Her two children are now young adults, which enables her to visit people in their homes when it suits her patients. Please see her website - - for coverage and prices. And if it doesn’t answer your queries, please do give her a call on 07949 633360.