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We're Total Therapy Studios, the leading provider of physical and holistic therapies, Pilates and movement classes, and equipment Pilates in the local area.
We're famous for our broad range of classes, expert therapists, and friendly approach across our two clinics in the centre of Horsham.

Work in our premises
Whilst we pride Total Therapy Studios as a fully integrated clinic - with all of our team working together within one system - we also know that many local therapists practice have their own identity, delivering services to clients in different locations under their own brand. To support this we're pleased to share details below of how therapists can work alongside us by renting rooms from us, using either of our two facilities to deliver treatment as and when required. This can be done either at a set time every week, or on a more ad hoc flexible arrangement. You can read - at the bottom of this page - how you can work with us within an every closer arrangement as an Associate Therapist where we will proactively promote people who work with us.

Please note, to maintain consistency with what we offer at Total Therapy Studios we only rent rooms to therapists where their provision are broadly inline to what we deliver as an organisation. It's important that everyone who operates within our premises has values aligned to ours, both in terms of treatment modalities and style. However we're keen to hear from all therapist so we can see how we can work together.


33 Carfax

Right in the centre of Horsham, this is our new site which is based in a 17th Century building. With its close proximity to neighbouring buildings - and timber framed construction - it is more suited to quieter holistic services, talking therapies, and consultations (please note however that with its location in the town centre there is still some noise from outside).

All of the treatment rooms have hydraulic steel framed couches, and two of the rooms have sinks also so are suitable for a wide range of treatments. Please note that the entire premises is based on the first floor, so may not be appropriate for those who struggle with stairs.

Denne Parade

Our main site in Horsham is where we run the majority of our treatments from, and we have three treatment rooms all with treatment couches. (Please note however that these rooms do not have sinks in them). Whilst these rooms have the highest usage - as we base the core of what we do here - there may be opportunities for independent hire.

We also have a large studio onsite which we use for classes, along with our new Pilates equipment / rehab studio with a large amount of equipment. All of the treatment rooms are on the ground floor. Due to the dynamic nature of our classes, and high footfall, rooms in this premises are more suitable to treatments where a small amount of noise isn't a problem (such as physical therapies).

More information


We understand the challenges of hiring rooms to deliver treatment in, and how important it is to rent a space in an wellness appropriate setting. We've a full reception team able to support you, and a flexible open minded approach to use of equipment and consumables too. When it comes to hiring space, it might be that you're looking for a room for just a couple of hours every week, or something more flexible if you have a client in the local area and need a room to treat from.

Naturally we understand everyone has different needs, and therefore the first thing to do is to so is get in contact via email so we can discuss what you're looking for. Several of our established and successful therapists who work with us on an ongoing basis within the Total Therapy Studios family contacted us looking for a simple room hire, so we're always keen to talk.

We also operate a process where you can work with us as a full Associate Therapist. This means your services will be advertised on our website with your contact details, along with social media sharing/engagement as appropriate and pro-active recommendation. You can read about this at the bottom of the page.


This very much depends what you're looking for. We support regular or ad-hoc infrequent bookings.
  • If you're looking for a regular time slot every week:
    The room will be reserved for you, and is managed essentially by agreement/contract. We have a minimum rental period of three hours every week, and you'll be free to book in your clients, and take payments as you would with any premises you work in.

  • If you're looking for more infrequent use:
    You can log onto our online system to reserve a room. It shows the rooms that are available, and you can make a booking direct from there. We'll have visibility to your booking, and our reception team will be able to greet your client. Simple! We'll then just invoice you at the end of the month for any booking placed.


We're pleased to offer our room hire from as little as £15 per hour. Naturally there could be some concessions made for larger time-slots, or longer rental periods.

Terms and conditions
As always, there's a few terms and conditions that are important, and whilst we operate in a friendly relaxed manner having a professional operating framework allows us to work in this way! Therefore, please take into account the considerations below:
  • Whilst we provide a broad range of therapies, we also consider which therapies fit appropriately within the Total Therapy Studios brand. Therefore we reserve the right to decide which services/therapies are delivered through association. This may also be due to our strategy and intention around provision of some services within our direct management.
  • Further to this, we work in partnership with therapists based around them delivering the agreed services. Operating outside of these may affect the agreement.
  • The room hire relationship is entirely and wholly with Total Therapy Studios. If we leave either of the premises we operate from,no ongoing room hire rights will remain in place.
  • Whilst our reception areas are generally fully staffed at all times, there may be times when this is not available (especially at short notice room hire). Therefore staffed reception and meet/greet services does not form part of the rental cost agreement.

Why not have a look at the full documentation, and then if it all sounds good, then simply get in contact. so we can have a chat.



Associate Therapists Programme
Naturally we want anyone who works in our premises to be successful, and therefore if you use Total Therapy Studios as a base we are also keen to provide the opportunity to be promoted by us as an Associate Therapist.

For a small monthly fee of just £15, we will:
  • Feature you on our website as an Associate Therapist. This means that clients who visit our website will see that it is a service provided, and will have access to your contact details so that they can speak to you to find out how you can help.
  • Place your details in the therapy section, with phone number, email address, web address, and social links as appropriate. You'll also feature in the team section as an Associate Therapist.
  • Recommend you as appropriate if clients ask about your services.
  • Engage with you on social media as appropriate and in line with our overall strategy. This included post sharing, commenting, individual posting etc.
This offer to be included as an Associate Therapist is available free of charge to those therapists who rent a room with us on a regular basis.