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We're Total Therapy Studios, the leading provider of physical and holistic therapies, Pilates and movement classes, and equipment Pilates in the local area.
We're famous for our broad range of classes, expert therapists, and friendly approach across our two clinics in the centre of Horsham.

Privacy Policy
At Total Therapy Studios, we take your privacy seriously. We’re committed to ensuring that any information you provide to us, either via our online services or in person, is protected. We’re also keen to share what we do with this information so you can be reassured that it is used responsibly, and to your benefit. You can also request at any time the information we hold, and change what we do with it. All of our processes are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on 25th May 2018.

In the privacy statement below, when we say 'us', or 'we', we're referring to TTS Health Group Ltd, which trades as Total Therapy Studios, or Total Therapy Holistic. When we talk about 'service providers', we're referring to the team of instructors and therapists that provide classes and therapies here. What's very important to let you know is that we never share your information with any third-party that works outside of Total Therapy Studios.

Remember, if you have any questions or requests, all you have to do is ask. Feel free to give us a call on 01403 249 511 or send us an email here

Use of this website, and cookie policy

This website, like most, uses cookies. These are small text files that are written to your phone or computer when you visit the site, and they allow websites to store things like user preferences. However, the only cookies that we use are to track certain bits of information such as if you've visited the website before, what pages you look at the most, and what sort of device you're using. This allows us to make small changes to our website so it's optimised for the device that most people are viewing it on. We use Google Analytics to analyse the use of this website, and for their Privacy Policy please visit

Please be aware that no identifying information about you (such as email address) are stored.

Contact information

We hold this information for a couple of reasons. The main one is that we use it as identifier, essentially so we know who we're treating. Your date of birth is an important identifier, and our insurers ask that we hold this information, as occasionally we have patients with the same name. Your contact information is held so that we can get in contact with you, and confirm appointment bookings, cancellations, or let you know about changes to your appointment or classes if necessary. And of course, being a clinical practice, sometimes we might make contact with you just so we can see how you are.

We also use your date of birth for a marketing purpose, offering you money off specific treatments in the month of your birthday. If you'd like us not to do this, you can send us an email here to remove yourself from this list.

All of this information is stored digitally on our clinic management system, TM2 which is supplied by Blue Zinc Software. If you do classes with us, your name, email address, and date of birth is also stored on our class management system, Pike 13. All of this information is held encrypted using the latest security standards.

Internal Sharing of information

Whilst we don't share this information with anyone outside of Total Therapy Studios, some of our therapists / instructors offer treatments or services that we don't provide. It might be that you're interested in a workshop being held by one of them, or a one-to-one session perhaps. We're keen to make it easy for you as a client, so if you ask them to contact you, you won't have to give all of your contact information to them again; they'll just be able to access if from our system. If you do see them for the services they provide, you will essentially be a client of theirs, and they will be able to support you with guidance about how they handle your information.

However, our instructors or therapists will only have access to this information if you request that they contact you about services they provide. We never proactively give this information to them, or any other third party.

Appointment record / financial record

Our two clinic systems also hold information about what classes or appointments that you've had. We use this information so that we can identify the right classes for you, or get an understanding of therapists you have seen before. From time to time we may contact you if we haven't seen you for a while, just to see how you are, and to see if we can help.

Our systems also hold information about how much you have paid across various visits, which allows us to support you if receipts are required. Please note that we do not hold any identifiable credit/debit card, or bank information at all in any of our systems.

Additional Interests

When you first come to Total Therapy Studios, we ask you what other things you might be interested in (other classes, therapies, retreats etc). We do this so that we can let you know if we launch something that might be of interest to you. We give you the option at the time not to be included in this marketing, and if you say you don't want to hear from us, then we don't send anything. However, people's interest or location does change, so if you'd like to be removed from any marketing from us, then please send us an email here to let us know.

Once again, we can reassure you that we don't share this information with any other organisation or individual that doesn't work here at Total Therapy Studios.

Every so often we send out a newsletter outlining all of the news and events at Total Therapy Studios, and we send these out via email. We do this so we can provide the best service to our clients, letting them know what is happening, and other services that we provide. There is an option to remove yourself from these newsletters on the bottom of every one, please follow these instructions and we'll remove you from our lists.

Information Storage

Whilst Total Therapy Studios works as a fully integrated clinic, due to the associate relationship between us and our therapists, there are some exceptions. Some of our therapists also work elsewhere, and offer you the flexibility to see them in different locations. To ensure you have a smooth and integrated experience, then if this happens then contact information may be taken offsite. In other cases, due to the sensitivity of information that our clients share with Total Therapy Studios therapists in some treatments, clinical and casenote information may be stored offsite. If your treatment with one of our therapists means that this is likely to occur, then you'd be made fully aware of this and will have full access to the privacy policy of the therapist involved.

Your clinical record

Being a clinical wellness centre we hold sensitive information on you such as medical history, and information about clinical treatments received. This record is in hard copy and is stored and used securely in line with our clinical insurers instruction. We pride ourselves on the fact we're an 'integrated clinic', which means that you can see multiple therapists under the same roof without having to start again with each one. Whilst this does mean that other therapists can access clinical notes, these records are issued to therapists if you are seeing them for treatment.

All clinical records are held securely, and in almost all cases never leave the premises at Total Therapy Studios. However, this can change if you take advantage of the fact that you're able to see a therapist in a different location (see below).

We may also write to you to follow up on treatment, or class attendance. The reason for this is simply one of clinical follow up to see how you are, and if we can support with your general wellbeing and health. If you’d like to be removed from any communication from us, then please make contact with us so we can update the records that we hold.