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It's all about the people

It's all about the people. Ultimately you have to be happy with the person that you're being treated by, and we're confident that you'll find our team outstanding in every way. Not only are they experts in their field, but have been handpicked for their warm, engaging and friendly manner. All are deeply experienced, and they'll take the time to get to know you and the reason you're with us.

They all have a story as to how they came to work at Total Therapy Studios, so why not click on their pictures below to find out more. Please note, we're still completing this section, so apologies if you story of your favourite therapist or instructor isn't shown! We'll get there as soon as we can!

Please note, for an important update about one of our therapists, Uschi Martin, please click here.
Founder of Total Therapy Studios

Sarah Dover-McCarthy

I'm Sarah, and I own and run Total Therapy Studios. I first qualified nearly 20 years ago as a sports therapist and over the years my clinical knowledge and interest in all things anatomical has led me through a very unique journey into what I do now, for which there is no real title!

I believe that the body works in a way that's so complex and so connected that it’s very rare for one type of treatment or exercise to rid us of all the aches and pains that impair our daily function. I wanted be the sort of therapist that could deliver whatever was needed to feel well, which is why I've studied many disciplines in manual, movement and exercise therapy at diploma to Master's Degree level.

I was very soon struggling to meet the demand of my growing patient list, so Total Therapy Studios was born - a place that bridges the gap between exercise and medicine and puts a little bit of what we all need under one roof in a warm, friendly, and affordable place.

And what else could I tell you? Well, I used to be a gymnast (a long time ago), but probably explains why I'm so bendy! I now like to hack about on the golf course and relax in other ways. I love music (except jazz - don't get me started about jazz) which plays a major part of my non-work life; I sing in a band (called Singfield if you're interested). When I'm not doing all of that you can find me at home stroking my cats.

Sports Therapist / Instructor / Sports and Running Coach

Jack Boatwright

Jacks is the really tall one and is the only other boy at the studio. He joined us in 2016 after I had almost given up hope of finding a sports therapist to join the team after about 6 months of interviewing. I was at the point of looking into human cloning when a letter popped into my inbox. He looked mildly terrifying in the photo he sent, but how wrong I was! Jack is undoubtedly one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is so passionate about what he does and has such a gentle way about him and he knows his stuff.

I knew he was right for the studio when he said “ My view is to have all patients leave the clinic with less pain and more knowledge” Boom he was hired. Jack’s passion is functional movement of the and postural dysfunctions, but he loves dealing with knees and shoulders. His treatments are largely hands and he will always send you home with a to do list.Jack is also taking on a key role as part of our Horsham Running Clinic and will be offering biomechanical running and gait assessments. Jack currently hosts our running and shoulder workshops, with more to come and teaches our Backs with Jack and conditioning for running classes.

Jack has a long sporting history of rugby, football and boxing – oh and nearly got the part of young voldemort in the Harry Potter Films!

Chartered Physiotherapist / Running Coach

Nicola Williams

Nicola joined the team in 2017 and I am so pleased so did.. Nicola is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist and treats wide range of acute and chronic conditions. She was very passionate about facilitating movement health whether that is simply being able to sit at your desk pain free, or to beat your personal best, she also has hands of steel, which is why I knew she would be perfect fit for the studio. Nicola very much specializes in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and clinical exercise and is a great addition to the clinical team.

Her classes bring something very different to the studio and will push you in a way that others don’t. Nicola is taking on a key role as part of our Horsham Running Clinic and will be offering biomechanical running and gait assessments.

She is also be holding her own clinical workshops at the studio from the summer of 2018. It’s a pleasure having her around and she always makes me laugh.

Remedial Massage Therapist

Jo Sherlock

Jo came to the studio as an attendee to one of classes, and one day I found myself looking for a new receptionist and I knew she would be perfect. She was always so warm, so caring towards everyone in her class and always helped me tidy up after the class when everyone had left.

So essentially her interview lasted about a year, and when we were recruiting she was my first port of call (and infact my only port of call as she said yes). She left her job working in a school to join the Total Therapy family.

It transpired that she also qualified as a Swedish massage therapist in 1994 and was been practising at home and as a mobile therapist as it was something that she absolutely loved doing.

She explained how she loved being able to make people feel better and give time to themselves, but deliver a massage worth having – music to my ears. So she gave me a massage. Damn she was good. Her hands felt so warm, and so strong, at one point I thought she had got Dom in to take over! So she also joined the therapy team, she may have to move in soon but that’s fine because we love having her there.

Aromatherapy / Women's Wellness Specialist

Michellle Deane

I met Michelle in a past life when we used to be government aid buyers (yes, you heard that right). We weirdly met on an holistic massage course then realised that we actually worked in the same building as each other. We started a slightly secret friendship away from the eyes of our bosses where we'd sneak out for coffee in order to discuss our grand life plans and how we'd leave that place one day.

And leave she did - 15 years ago when she sold up and packed her bags and went off to Italy to deepen her Yoga practice and holistic way of life. It was there she she stayed until last year when she came back to good ole Blightly. Michelle’s time and experience in the hills in Umbria led her to become a deeply holistic therapist with a passion for nature. Her treatments are heartfelt and bring nature, nurture and relaxation to promote physical and emotional healing through body and mind. She also teaches and leads meditation at the studios.

During her time in Italy she was inspired by her garden to develop her own natural body and face oils and creams which I have to say are amazing. She continues to make and sell them here at the clinic, so please ask us for more details.

Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach

Uschi Martin

I've known Uschi for many years, in fact we first met in my clinic in New Street as she was renting a room upstairs when I first came to Horsham. We only really got to know each other when we bumped into each other having a medicinal glass of wine at the end of the long trade-fair we were both attending. I knew at that point we would work together one day.

She has have always had a great interest in the preventative and holistic side of health. Having worked as a remedial massage for over twenty years her fascination on how the mind affects our body and behaviour led her to search for a therapy that embraces all aspects of a person. Uschi joined the studio in 2013 after completing her Cognitive Hypnotherapy training at the Quest institute offering her unique style of hypnotherapy and remedial massage.

Uschi’s hypnotherapy continues to grow and we often get amazing testimonials of how her sessions have literally been life changing. Her overwhelming passion in this field is obvious from the moment you meet her. I think everyone needs an Uschi in their life.

In her spare time she loves photography and is the one that took all the photos on this team page and made us all feel at ease when we clearly weren’t. She speaks about a thousand languages so is quite handy to have around for those technical translations.

Acupuncturist / Holistic Health Specialist

Pia Gronroos

I met Pia on an myotherapy diploma course for dogs (I know right!), I was teaching she was learning and I soon learned that she was the acupuncturist down road from me that my clients were raving raving. Acupuncture was always something that I wanted to offer at Total Therapy Studios and on a chance meeting she told me she was looking to increase her treatments in Horsham.

Pia completed her four year training in Acupuncture in 2003 from the International College of Oriental Medicine where she also qualified in Swedish massage 2001. This is one of the oldest training schools in the country and delivers the most comprehensive acupuncture and Chinese medicine training program available in the UK.

In 2005 she qualified as Yoga teacher in 2005, and by using her knowledge of Chinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis, Ayurvedic nutrition, massage, and yoga in her treatment, she truly is like no other acupuncturist I know. It is this fusion of everything that she has learnt to date that allows her relieve and improve postural imbalances, tune into the energy centres of your body, help you understand what your body needs and craves on the inside and out and restore its balance.

Her work with your pulses is truly amazing as she can feel up to 28 different qualities of each pulse which tell her how you are in the present moment. She treated me when I was suffering with my chest before Christmas and I have to say that not only did it get better, my asthma has actually been noticeably different since.

Pia loves to read, research update her knowledge to understand how to find the perfect balance to thrive, be happy and healthy and really is an encyclopedia of alternative medicine. There are so many things that can be treated with Pia’s unique treatment and if you have nothing specific to see her for, she will still make you feel better.


Linda Jewell

Linda was with me from day one at the birth of Total Therapy Studios. Literally that first Monday when we opened the doors and said "Right, what now?". I've treated Linda for many years and once I knew I was opening a studio, I never doubted that she would be perfect for a role as receptionist, administrator and confidant; I only hoped that she would want to work with me!

Linda has a natural affinity with people and has a warmth and friendliness which allows her to engage with everyone she meets. She essentially runs the place and worries about me constantly, and I can honestly say the place would not be the same without her.

Linda qualified as a reflexologist in 2016, and has been providing treatments at the clinic ever since. She has a loyal client base and now offers, foot, hand and facial reflexology and provides a calm quiet space for you to relax and your body nurtured and restored through your feet, face or hands through the principles of ancient energy medicine.

Foot Health Specialist

Julie Webster

Julie was recommended to me by Pia and joined us in 2017. In her first interview she offered to treat my feet – well I wasn’t expecting that! When you are on your feet all day, you don’t tend to give your feet much attention and I was a little embarrassed that I hadn’t given them a wee bit of attention before hand.

Well I needn’t had worried, she made me feel at ease immediately and clearly absolutely loved treating feet. She even complemented me on my feet, although I think she was quite surprised how small they were. She bathed them, cut them, sanded them, shaped them, got out the big knife (only joking) and then moisturized them. She then made me a little thing of felt to put in my trainer to stop the load on the outside of my foot. And voila I had new feet!

Our feet can provide important insight into our health, biomechanics, diet and can often be a warning sign for more serious heath issues, such as vascular problems and diabetes, but we treat them with less respect than our cars. Regular foot health checks can help prevent pain and dysfunction not only on the feet but elsewhere in our bodies, and reduce the need for unnecessary, expensive treatment further down the line.

Julie can assess and treat common issues of the foot such as hard and cracked skin, corns, calluses, in-growing toenails, fungal infections, veruccas and support those with mobility issue with their nail cutting and overall foot health, something that we feel is almost essential to the older or more immobile population.

Therefore 2019 see's Julie going mobile, so not only will she be offering more hours at the studio, but will also come to you - for the same price! So if you know someone that could benefit from her services than give us a call and we will put you in touch.

Clinical Nutritionist

Charlotte Hunter

Charlotte approached me to enquire if I'd rent out my studio for a weight loss course she wanted to bring to Horsham. I've met many nutritionists in my time but her passion and enthusiasm were incredibly engaging. I especially loved the fact that she was as down to earth about her therapy as I was. When she said “It's not about just telling people they can’t eat stuff – I love fish and chips and wine, life is for living too” was the clincher for me.

Charlotte's view is that nutrition isn’t about what you can’t eat and simply staying away from food that’s bad for you. It’s about going back to basics and eating what we really enjoy to maximise our health in a busy, stressful world. You can probably see why we fitted each other. Her own history of being a self confessed sugar addict suffering from a series of health issues is what led her to gain her BSc in Nutritional Medicine in 2010.

Charlotte’s nutritional therapy is not about a diet, or food plan, it is about maximizing your health by what you feed it. We are indeed what we eat and there is so much misinformation these days with increasing social media and internet nonsense, and sometimes we just need someone to hone in on what we actually need.

Her therapy can help diagnose and treat hormonal problems, skin problems, celiac disease, irritable bowel, crohns disease, inflammation, pain, arthritis, acidity, chronic fatigue and many other health conditions and disease both naturally and preventatively.

Charlotte offers her therapy all over Sussex and Surrey and can also offer a remote service for clients that cannot see her at one of her clinics. She is increasing her availability to the studio to offer a more flexible service so we hope we will be seeing more of her in the future.

She also manages a busy home with three children, one of whom has coeliac disease ntolerant, and the other dairy intolerant, so good nutrition that works in a busy family is something that she is deeply experienced with.

Instructor and Sports Therapist

Sophie Lewis

I met Sophie by chance on the recommendation of a patient. Sophie had just finished her Sports Therapy Degree at Chichester University as soon as we met I knew I wanted her to come and work at Total Therapy Studios before someone else snapped her up.

Her roots into the profession followed a similar path to my own with her passion for sport and exercise and at the time I met her I was the only therapist at the studio!

In her time at the studio, Sophie developed a passion towards the group exercise and loves working with the “platinum” population. She is one the finest most effective clinical exercise teachers I know. She effortlessly brings her knowledge and infectious personality into her classes and makes me and her classes laugh every day. She is a ray of sunshine, and a loud one at that.

Sophie has a huge thirst for knowledge and has a wide skillset including (deep breath now) GP referrals, cardiac rehab, pre- and post-natal, post- and pre-operative rehabilitation, back care and pain management, postural correction and optimum performance, yoga therapy and clinical pilates. So whether you're an elite or injured athlete or a stiff couch potato, she'll find a way to make sure your exercise is effective.

Sophie recently took a break from the studio to enter the world of motherhood, but we are so glad to have her back and look forward to seeing her more over the course of 2018. Sophie is super fit and a CrossFit officiando, she loved enjoys running, and loves taking her chocolate Labrador for long walks (as in - the dog is chocolate in colour; it is not, of course, made of chocolate).

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Sarah Littleford

Sarah moved to Horsham from London and was looking for a studio within which she could continue her Pilates therapy business that she'd built up so successfully in London. Her knowledge and passion for therapeutic pilates was evident immediately, however it was her warm and gentle personality and gliding posture that won me over.

I soon learned that her interest in Pilates came from her time studying for a classical ballet diploma. After suffering a back injury, Pilates became a valuable tool during her recovery process. A couple of years later in 2004, she became a fully certified Pilates instructor with Pilates International in Australia. She continued to take courses in Gyrotonics (ask her what this is - it's very clever stuff), structural anatomy, The Franklin Method and also has a VTCT level three diploma in Swedish massage. She's worked at various studios with Physiotherapists in clinics in London and uses her clinical experience and knowledge to personalise her group sessions to keep them relevant to each individual.

Sarah’s classes have a lovely flow and gentle nature (she can rarely be heard downstairs when she's teaching) but don’t be fooled, you'll know you've done it a few hours later. Sarah has recently returned after a year off after her first baby , Poppy, and it's great to have her back at the studio.

Yoga Instructor and One-to-One Yoga Therapist

Natalie Creasy

I was keen to bring yoga to Total Therapy Studios as it was something that many of our clients had asked about. Natalie came highly recommended as a yoga practitioner of excellence with the ability and confidence to make this happen. I loved her on first meeting; she's down to earth, warm, assertive and soft all rolled into one infectiously calming package. She was excited by my vision and couldn’t wait to get involved.

After practising yoga for many years, she obtained her yoga qualification from the Unity School of Yoga. To complement this, she qualified in Stress Management, Relaxation, Meditation, Life Coaching and Yoga-Nidra with a view of bringing them all together to quieten the mind and explore the body. Her biggest learning being that breath is a very powerful tool enabling us to work with body, mind and emotion to bring the balance we need for optimum physical and mental health.

The essence of her classes are to feel your body and learn to connect and recognise it in that moment. You'll lengthen the body, toning and strengthening it, and notice how the body feels, not how you expect it to feel. You'll also use breath to relax giving you a capacity for movement that you never dared imagine.

Clinic Operations (and behind the scenes shizzle)

Dominic Dover-McCarthy

Dominic is my husband, and is the chap that's sometimes seen behind the reception desk (which always surprises people). Historically an operations manager in the retail and hospitality industry, Dom supports in all the 'behind-the-scenes' ways that he's experienced in and is now on board officially as practice manager.

He's working with me to create and improve the systems we use, ultimately to make things smoother and easier for everyone. He stood side-by-side with me when we built the clinic from the ground up, so has a good understanding of the journey we've come on. More recently he's reinvented himself professionally as a designer and business consultant and as part of this he takes care of all of our marketing, design, social media and web presence. He created our logos, and the look and feel of our marketing, so if you've any feedback please let him know. He's also pretty handy with a screwdriver so he's normally the one who is seen with drills and hammers keeping the place standing.

Having Dom around means that I get to concentrate on all the things I should be concentrating on, essentially patient care. So often I've seen therapists move out of treatment and into 'management' as their practice has grown. I'm keen not to let this happen, so having Dom around means I'm less likely to lose focus on you.