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We know there is a lot of online exercise content out there at the moment with very different pricing structures, so what makes our classes different?

Well the truth is that before March 2020 we were running over 85 classes face to face classes a week to help people with varying levels of pain and mobility issues. We have always been very proud of our clinical provision and small classes that provide individual coaching and attention to help you stay mobile, pain free and mentally supported.

Many online classes do not offer the expertise to deal with back pain, hip pain, neck and shoulder pain especially at a time where our mobility is being compromised with a new routine. Maybe you are sitting more, maybe you have taken up running, maybe you are struggling to find time to switch off and relax. All of these things may be creating new sensations in the body and mind that you didn’t have before, and whilst any movement is better than no movement, certain types of exercise will not resolve these issues, and in fact could make them worse.

Your body will adapt to new routines and certain muscles will become stiff and dominant and other muscles will become weak and lazy, and it can be difficult to correct these imbalances without correct instruction and guidance.

We therefore have created an online platform with over 45 classes a week that cater for all levels of ability, pain management and mental wellbeing. We do not teach multi level classes, and our classes are kept small so even online we can still give you individual attention based on our joining process and engagement with your carefully chosen instructor that will help you achieve your personal goals.

We don’t offer pre-recorded classes as we feel it’s important to be there with you during a class, and routine and guidance is very important for motivation and progression, but more importantly to keep you safe. Therefore please fill out our form below and our clinical director will give you a call to discuss your individual needs.

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Have you done classes before and what were they?
What is the main reason for you to come to classes? For example: back pain, hip pain, stiffness, increase mobility, flexibility and strength, or to manage stress and anxiety, or for general movement and conditioning.
Please provide any details around any medical conditions (such as Fibromyalgia, MS, Parkinsons, endometriosis, stress incontinence, surgery), or other health or emotional issues. Again the more information we have the better.
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Data Authorisation - When you submit this information, it will be sent to Total Therapy Studios. We will store your contact data on our clinic management system, and use this information to give you a call to discuss class optionst. This information is held in secure electronic storage. We will also create a client file for which contains the all of the information that you have provided on the above form.

This file is held in hard copy, and is held securely in line with our insurers instructions. We use this information so that we can provide the best clinical experience for you, and so we can work out the most appropriate plan for you going forward. We never ever share your information outside of Total Therapy Studios. More information is available on our privacy policy, which you can read by clicking here

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