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Corona Virus Restrictions

Please note, whilst we're still offering a range of therapies and online classes some of the information shared on this page may be slightly affected by current Corona Virus restrictions. Please see the statement on our home page for more details.

Manage your class attendence

We're now able to offer our clients the facility to manage their class account online. Whilst we're always present to talk on the phone, or manage your classes by email or in our reception this is something that our clients have requested, and we're thrilled to be able to provide it. This process allows people to book onto classes, remove themselves from classes that they cannot attend, and receive reminders directly from our timetable system. It also has other benefits like wait lists for classes, and the ability to check how many credits remain on your account.

Please note, this system is only available to our existing clients who have registered with us through our joining process. If you haven't attended a one-to-one session with Sarah Dover-McCarthy please do not register directly onto our online system. You can read more about how to join us at Total Therapy Studios by clicking here and visiting our studio information page.

Accessing our system

There are two ways to access the online class system.

The first is to follow links from any emails that you get from us. These may be the welcome email that you may have received, class reminders, or notifications when you've been added or removed from a class. You will need to set up a password so you can access your account.

The second way is to follow this link that takes you directly to the log in page. Please only use this link if you've been through our joining process as you can read about on our studio page. You will need to log in with your email address that we currently have on file for you (if you haven't set up your account yet, you'll need to supply a password). Please note that if you try and create an account with a different email address than the one we use to interact with you, then the system won't connect your online account with your current profile. Remember, if you get stuck then you can always drop us a line by clicking here.

Enroling onto a wait list

For some of our classes, if the class is full you can enrol onto a wait list. Often clients with permanent places aren't able to attend on a certain week, and there are spaces available for our other clients. The wait lists help you get onto these classes without having to constantly check the timetable for spaces.

If a class you'd like to attend, simply click the 'add yourself onto the wait list' button. We'll take care of the rest!

If a space becomes available more than 24 hours before a class takes place, then you will be automatically enrolled onto it. You'll receive an email telling you that you've been added and that we'll be expecting you. Therefore, please only enrol yourself onto a wait list if you genuinely want to come! If you decide you don't want to come after you've been automatic enrolled, then please let us know, otherwise you could well be charged. You won't be automatically enrolled less than 24 hours before a class though.

If a space becomes available less than 24 hours before the class, then we will email all clients on the wait list to offer a place. As enrollment won't be automatic you'll need to let us know if you want it. Call or email us, and as always spaces will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you've any questions about wait lists, then feel free to ask. We hope you'll use these to book your attendence into classes, even if they appear full.