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There's always been a lot going on at Total Therapy Studios in terms of events, new therapies, and the continuing evolution of what we offer. It also goes without saying that over the last 16 months the organisation has also gone through a huge amount of changes as we navigated the Corona Virus restrictrictions that have affected everyone.

We communicate with our clients through updates to this website, through our Facebook channel and also through newsletters (which you can see archived at the bottom of this page). However, we also wanted to put a specific page on our website which contains all of the updates that you'll need to know. As we go through 2021, we're not only managing the return to the studio for our class clients, but are also focusing on supporting the local community in new ways. This might take the form of events, but also new therapies and provisions to support in your overall wellness. You can read all about these below. Whilst this page is set to always show the latest information, if you don't see what you're looking for then please refresh this page in your browser.

And of course, if you've any questions, then just get in contact.


Supporting those suffering with Long Covid


Whilst we're primarily known as a biomechanics and movement clinic, Pia - our wonderful Acupuncturist - is doing some great work helping people with Long Covid. Whilst we’re still finding out much about the disease, many people have seen huge benefits from Acupuncture and all of the clients she's seen have reported relief from their various symptoms. If you - or someone you know - has been affected, then we invite you to get in contact so she can help.

Here's what some of her clients have said:

"Pia has treated me for the last few months due to me having Long Covid and subsequently a vaccine reaction. I was really poorly when I first started seeing Pia with very little energy and other symptoms. I had already been off work for 2 months when I saw her. Immediately Pia put me at ease reassuring me that I would get better but it would take time. 4 months on I am so much better and feeling more like the person I used to be before I got unwell and I go back to work this week. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and will do extra research to understand what we have been through and anything else that may help. As a result I have referred quite a few other people to her. If it wasn't for Pia I am pretty sure I would still be struggling and nowhere near going back to work. Thank you Pia."

"I do hope more research can be done to determine the efficacy of acupuncture in treating long covid. As you are aware I caught covid in October last year. The main symptom for me was the severe lack of energy, the exhaustion I felt to do even the smallest of tasks. After 3 weeks of no improvement I started to fear I might have long covid. You will recall I came to see you at this time for some acupuncture and had a follow up appointment 7 days later. Between the 2 sessions I started to feel better and have more energy and after the second session I was able to return back to work shortly afterwards. I do believe the acupuncture helped me make a full recovery and was instrumental in restoring my energy levels and on reflection I am so pleased I acted quickly and came to see you when I did to prevent the long covid persisting.""

Welcoming Lisa Jacques


We’re pleased to announce that Lisa Jacques is joining the Total Therapy team. She's a specialist ‘Yoga for Cancer’ teacher and oncology nurse who has been working with cancer patients for 16 years, and we’re pleased to announce two workshops, which are designed specifically for people affected by cancer. Yoga can be hugely helpful in enabling people to cope with the physical side effects of their cancer treatment and with the emotional, spiritual and psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Yoga is accepted and advocated as a safe complementary practice by oncology professionals and cancer charities, and there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support this. Research shows that yoga has stress-reducing effects for people going through cancer treatment and that the benefits of yoga go beyond that of simple stretching exercise and appear to have long-term durability. Yoga has been shown to improve physical and psychological symptoms, quality of life measures, fatigue, inflammation and markers of immunity in people with cancer.

Welcome Lisa - we can't wait to work with you.

Just how far we've come

17TH AUGUST 2021

Now this isn't recent news, however as things start to return to a sense of normality we thought we'd once again share this video to reflect on how far we've come since the start of the Corona Virus pandemic in early 2020.

We've always had a belief that to know where you are, you have to look back to where you've come from.

There have been so many sacrifices made by so many over the last eighteen months, and in March 2020 it was of course the first time that Total Therapy Studios had been shut in its nine year history. Our team were kind enough to take part in the filming of this video, to stay connected, and to stay involved, and to let our clients know that we'd be back as soon as we could be. Of course back in those early days of Summer 2020, we had no idea how long the restrictions would last.

However - all the way through this we were apart, but also still together x

Class Update

19TH JULY 2021

As you may have read on the front page of this site, we're pleased to say that as of 19th July we're able to return to face-to-face classes in the studio. Please note that we are doing these cautiously, as we're very much aware that there are still a significant number of challenges to overcome as a society as we face continuing uncertain times.

However as we transition back to classes in both Denne Parade and the Carfax, we invite all of our studio clients to take a look at our procedures, which open up in a seperate tab by following this link..

We've always been proud of the way we manage each client's journey and class profile, and thefore there are significant challenges as we move over 1500 clients into a new timetable. Please therefore bear with us; we're working as hard as we can to find the right class for you!

Charity Partnership

10TH JUNE 2021

We’re really proud to share some more information today around our new partnership with The Olive Tree Cancer Support, a charity which has its base in Crawley, and is now going to be working with us in Horsham.

The Olive Tree are a fantastic local charity who provide help and support to cancer patients and their families. They do this in a number of ways, from the provision of complementary therapies, emotional support, and through their wellbeing programme. They’re going to be with us in our new site in the Carfax, delivering treatment and support for two half days a week. We genuinely can’t wait to be working alongside them, and are thrilled to say that some of our team are also volunteering with them.

We’re so pleased to announce this partnership, and look forward to supporting The Olive Tree as the relationship evolves. If you’d like to find out more about them, and how they can help, then please visit the Olive Tree page on our website which can find by following this link.


Our new equipment studio

8TH JUNE 2021

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new equipment Pilates studio, based at our main premises in Denne Parade. Over several months we've been fitting out this studio with a range of equipment which will allow you to experience this great form of Pilates in small-group sessions, or on a one-to-one basis. It's fantastic to build this into Total Therapy Studios to supplement our matwork classes. Building on the range of small portable equipment such as resistance bands, magic circles and weights, we've the core range of larger equipment too. This includes reformers, cadillacs, barrels and chairs, along with with a weight tower to create a great environment for exercise - all under the guidance and focus of our expert instructors.

We're offering small group classes with a maximum of three people in them, but you can also book up either one-to-one sessions, or indeed one-to-two (if you'd like to share a session with a friend). To ensure that everyone is safe using the studio it's vital that all clients have an induction session, which we're offering at the reduced price of just £35 at the moment. You can read more about how it all works by following this link.


Our newsletters

Now more than ever, we're keen to keep our clients in the loop when it comes to what we offer, new therapies, and how we managed around the Coronavirus restrictions. Naturally we post updates on this website andd on our Facebook page but we also send newsletters to our clients to with updates.

As we navigate the details of our reopening plans, these newsletters go into the detail as to how we can manage the return to the studio. We're keen to share these as a reference for anyone who might not have seen them, and you can find these below. If you don't receive our communications - and would like to - then please visit our contact page and complete your details.